Dyzzleberry Dictionary

Two dimensional fixed image in space - The 2DFIS acts like a virtual monitor with zoom capabilities. The image is produced from an App purchased for a Dyzzleberry Communicator. The 2DFIS can project within a specified distance from its regulating DB. The technology works by ionizing a patch of air and projecting the designated image onto that patch of air anywhere within a specified distance from its operating hub or DB. The distance of projection is determined by the strength of the product purchased. A less expensive one would have a shorter display zone than one more costly. She saw the route projected into her visual space like the heads-up image in a car’s window, and recognized the technology as 2DFIS, a two dimensional fixed image in space. An arrow pointed the way. She tested it. When she moved, the arrow adjusted to her relative position. CH 3 CREATION

2Dimensional Fixed Image in Space – The 2DFIS takes the place of what we call a computer monitor with zoom capabilities. This image is produced from an app purchased for a Dyzzleberry Communicator. The 2DFIS can project within a specified distance from its regulating DB. The technology works by ionizing a patch of air and projecting the designated image onto that patch of air anywhere within a specified distance from its operating hub or DB. The distance is determined by the strength of the product purchased. In other words a less expensive one would have a shorter display zone than a more expensive one.  She recognized the technology as 2DFIS, a two-dimensional fixed image in space. An arrow pointed the way. She tested it. When she moved, the arrow adjusted to her relative position. Satisfied, she responded. CH 3 CREATION

Graviton 1, the spaceship, as seen by Illiachus Wynter in Chapter 5 TREASURE.

A plus B Merged Retro-Virus - A deadly virus found on the Olympyon hemisphere of Planet Authair.

ABMR-Virus vaccine is the antidote that Dorf Seuz attempts to develop while on MBG21 (Planet Earth). The ABMR-Virus had spread as a plague on Planet Authair.

Aerocentrum Bay 1 Tower is the building housing the flight control operators on Planet Authair.  It is adjacent to Aerocentrum G 1 which is the massive docking building for  spaceship Graviton 1.

The massive building that houses Graviton 1 - the domed roof opens to allow the spaceship to achieve liftoff and landing.

Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations. In the story, Kurl thinks of Cimi as a person who considers herself as having the ability to master all algorithms.

An allele is one of many genes attached to chromosomes that are responsible for determining an individual's characteristics.

Accelerator mass spectrometry method for determining the amount of Carbon Fourteen isotope in a sample, to establish the age of the sample.

An olym is a unit of time on Planet Authair equivalent to 100 minutes Earth time. 0.1 olym is equal to 10 minutes Earth time.

Angry Botts of Authair is a game the botts and desbotts play in the story IZ~ theizzystory.  Botts, Botty and Clyde become addicted to Angry Botts of Authair.  That gets them into trouble while they are traveling to MBG21 (Earth) in Spaceship Graviton 1.


Authairian President's Award presented annually to a citizen of Authair who has developed a process, product, or plan that has proven beneficial to mankind. Ponce Heidon has received five APAs for his development of vaccines that prevent disease.

A noun used by Authairians to express a vision and or feeling of peace and beauty - example, The evening left an aquaglow of memories.

The top official of the fictional ancient Welsh Storoch Clan. Chapter 5 TREASURE

Celtic Mythology. Moon-mother goddess, keeper of the silver wheel that descends into the sea. Chapter 5 TREASURE

An organization like the United States Secret Service only ASASS is specific to Authair's space agency. Excerpt from CREATION: "All but Kurl arrived. Kurl was in conference with the head of ASASS, Authairian Space Agency Secret Service. Izzy was out of sight. He’d been instructed to stay inside Phed’s shirt to eliminate distraction."

A massive indoor planetarium-like theater that is used to display the sky, in real time, beyond Planet Authair.

The prehistoric mythical home of an advanced culture alleged to have lived in the area of the Mediterranean Sea.  Chapter 4 THE BLOOD

Electromagnetic fields at the poles on Planet Authair. They funnel in cosmic radiation from Authair’s suns Olym and Valym, creating a spiraling rainbow of colors beautiful to see, but deadly to approach. They generate a unique energy field that Authairians use in communication.

An advanced species of intelligent being that evolved from the fictional planet Authair in IZ~ theizzystory. The Authairian, both male and female, generally look like Earthlings of 2000 CE. They have small ears and no hair on the body. There may be eyebrows and lashes on some. Both male and female are bald with a few exceptions like Cimi Nuja. The male Authairians have four fingers on one hand. It is usually the right hand. Where the middle finger would be, there is a joint. This male feature develops into a hinge attached to a weapon or claw as the male matures. Authairians are hatched, not born.  They socialize much in the same way as present day Earthlings.  See The Good and The Bad to view a visual image of Authairians.

Biological Hazard Symbol or BIOHAZARD - This symbol with the following 'BSL 5' label identifies any area such as a room, office, laboratory, or building as requiring the highest level of safety precaution. BSL 5 is the designation given Usula von Menglebort's Virology Laboratory on Ragnarock in IZ~ theizzystory. 

A pearl-shaped gem that develops inside the underside of the right wrist of every female Authairian.  The pearl completes its development as the female matures. Upon maturation the female has the ability, by maneuvering her three middle fingers, to reveal the pearls beauty.  The pearl is a statement of womanhood and kept for revelation to only those she chooses to keep in the highest of confidence. The same color decorated her DB and pulsated from her biopearl. CH 1 CREATION

Coal - It is referred to in Chapter 5 TREASURE of IZ~ The Izzy Story as black rock that burns.

Bott - Intelligent machine designed to assist Authairians in a variety of tasks. For instance, Clyde is one of Cimi Nuja’s botts. She programmed him as a combination of mischief and manners, capable of performing high level mathematics as well as menial tasks. Botts have two appendage-like arms with grasping hands of four fingers and opposing thumb. A bott’s arms have multiple joints from shoulder to wrist. Sensory receptors for sound, touch, and odor on their globular head, receive 360-degree signals. Three eyes, two in the front and one in back create panoramic vision. Auditory response emits through a small mouth-like orifice. Botts do not have legs or feet. Magnetic levitation with a gravity ring at the base of a hip-like section, facilitates movement. A bott from head to base of gravity ring is approximately 1.2 meters or 4 feet. When levitating, the bott can appear to be variable heights. The door lifted, and a bott about half Kurl’s height, flew out like a bumble bee looking for nectar. It hovered near Kurl making eye to eye contact

Botty and Clyde are two robots who travel with the ABMR virus team to MBG21 (Earth) aboard Spaceship Graviton 1.  They get in trouble because they are addicted to the game Angry Botts of Authair. 

A university located in Dorset, England. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY.

A unique signature of each individual’s brain waves. The Authairian’s brainprint is programmed into his or her Dyzzleberry Communicator.

A substellar object that roams freely in outer space. It is too low in mass to sustain hydrogen fusion like our sun. Chapter 5 TREASURE.

Buster is a toy rabbityle. General Gore Andriol was given the toy as a gift from his grandmother when he was very young. He has made Buster his alter ego. The general imagines that Buster assists him with critical decisions. Buster resides inside the general's right uniform sleeve. 

The toy’s head bobbed up and down in affirmation, aided by two of Gore’s fingers. He gave Buster a hug, gently squeezed his white pompom tail, and shoved him feet first into his jacket sleeve--the sleeve he kept close to his body.

A chip with video-like technology designed to be embedded in one's cheek for secrecy. When pressed by the tongue the camchyp takes images and sends them to a file for review and storage. In the second book of IZ~, CREATION, General Gore Andriol wants his spy, Hari Mata, to wear a camchyp. The general wants Hari Mata to prove her claim that she's found Chico Quwattle, the fugitive wanted by the Valympyon government. He instructs her. Follow this procedure for collecting evidence of your claim. Our med team will embed a camchyp in your cheek. They’ll give you instructions on how your tongue operates the device. It will send images to my DB. You should have no trouble getting it through that trap thing. CH 12 CREATION


A two-person flying speedster. Kurl Tszargon designed a cavejet to traverse the narrow passages of the Equapyon mountain caverns. Phed was excited to accept Kurl's offer in CREATION. "He’d known Kurl Tszargon firsthand as a fierce chess competitor, so when he received the famous astronomer’s request to pilot his private cavejet, he didn’t hesitate."

The claw develops from DNA triggers in the Authairian male as he matures. It is usually found on the right hand where the middle finger would normally be. In that place there is a callused knob- like-hinge used to activate the embedded knife-like claw. A tough enclosure of skin similar to a zipper opens the length of the forearm to expose the claw. When the mature male activates the claw it whips out similar to the action of a switchblade and locks in place at the joint. The four fingers then close around the base of the claw to provide aim and force. At this point the claw's appearance is like that of a sword.

A style of pottery  characteristic of the  Bronze Age in the UK.  These urns do not have handles, but a large collar-like opening on top. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY.

Cosmic string. In Chapter One, Dorf Tzeus explains to Jeeves how they manage to depart Planet Authair, spend five Earth years away while only having been gone one day of Authair time. They have displaced time using Cosmic Strings.

Cosmic strings are hypothetical 1-dimensional (spatially) topological defects which may have been formed during a symmetry-breaking phase transition in the early universe when topology of the vacuum manifold associated to this symmetry-breaking was not connected. It is expected that at least one string per Hubble volume formed. The existence of cosmic strings was first contemplated by the theoretical physicist, Tom Kibble in the 1970's. More information can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_string/

A brand of coffee popular in the UK. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY.

Code on the Dyzzleberry Communicator that signals emergency. Chapter 1 ATTACK

DDWLEM is the pseudonym of the authors of books featuring IZ, a little creature from Planet Authair. The pseudonym is a combination of the initials for D. Duayne Whitehurst and Lucille E. Mayton.  It is pronounced by spelling out each letter D D W L E M.

A devoted service robot created by the Valympyons to tend to their notouchims.

This is the gum that Cimi Nuja chews as a way to calm down and focus. She claims that it gives her that creative edge.  For everyone of her creative moments, she pops a bubble.  The bubble gum is a natural black because it contains multi-walled carbon nanotubes to give it extra strength. Cimi, accidentally discovered its life-saving properties during Izzy's first attack. Chapter 2 SKEPTICAL

Authairians have a device called the Dyzzleberry Communicator or DB. Its name came from the Dyzzleberry plant that develops a vivid red berry and grows near the poles on Planet Authair. The DB has an indicator light that glows red when in active communication mode. Its owner texts or speaks a message and the DB relays that message any distance to the intended recipient’s brain. The recipient receives this mental message through the unique field created by the aurora tornadoes.It was discovered that energy created by this field could be harnessed through the DB technology and used for planetary communication.

The DB is programmed to activate the glial cells of the recipient’s brain. The owner of each DB must have his or her brainprint programmed into the DB for the glial cells to pick up the transmission. Anyone communicating in this way is said to be glialpathing. The DB has an embedded unit that can be retracted or exposed when activated. It then becomes a powerful telescopic camera as well as a projector. The DB has evolved to a micro-thin flexible organic-like device that is attached (a jell-like glue adheres it) to a convenient spot on the body. Once adhered to the body the device instantly reads that body’s DNA profile and compares it to the one to which it has been programmed so that it will only operate for authorized wearers.

Dyzzleberry Dictionary is the cloud source of all knowledge on Planet Authair.  It can be accessed with the Dyzzleberry Communicator. This time UO1 did not give Cimi time to answer. His glialpath came straight from the Dyzzleberry Dictionary.

Robotic emergency message indicating an intruder. Chapter 1 ATTACK

The period in which metal was first used in tool manufacture in Wales estimated to be from 2500 to 1400 BCE. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY and Chapter 5 TREASURE.

Earthlings are the inhabitants of earth referred to by Authairians.

The mountain range that encircles Planet Authair at its equator defining the geographic border between the Valympyon and Olympyon civilizations. 

Phed’s mission was to get Chico to the other side of the Equapyon Mountains as fast as possible.

The section of each habitat in PHI's observation pod, made with two layers of self-healing flexible polymer, through which food and other items entered and left the habitat. Dorf, cupping the crucible in both hands, pressed gently an entry spot in H4’s flexichem, the section of each habitat made with two layers of flexible polymer. 


A material designed to integrate with a plexi wall of an animal habitat. When a hand or object presses through it, the flexichem closes  around the protruding object while items are deposited or removed through this double-walled flexible self-healing substance. Dorf, cupping the crucible in both hands, pressed gently an entry spot in H4’s flexichem, the section of each habitat made with two layers of flexible polymer. 

Direct communication to brain cells of Authairians through a unique field created by the aurora tornadoes on Planet Authair's poles. The Dyzzleberry Communicator facilitates this messaging system. Of course he knew it wasn’t a bubble bursting. It was an honest to goodness glialpath from the creature in Habitat 4.

A dense, tree-like shrub that covers large areas on Planet Authair. It's feared because of its sharp thorns that protrude from every imaginable angle. However, its blossoms produce a nectar that is among the most sought after plant substance on Planet Authair. Her arm feeling pain-free, she found the inventory of the backpack increasingly interesting. Protein cubes, water, a water purifier, even a flask of gnarlythorn nectar. 

Golden fringe is a term used on Planet Authair to signify a new day. There is no setting of suns on Authair, but its sunsphere changes shade on Authair's revolutionary path between the two suns, Olym and Valym. DB3, an automated voice, informs Chico in CREATION: Once you enter, the foliage will close you in securely. Rest well. You’ll be awakened and given new instructions at golden fringe



Graviton 1 is an advanced spaceship developed by the Olympyons on Planet Authair.  It is capable of traveling through the dark energy field faster than the speed of light. He had no idea Kurl had just informed Cimi they were headed to Graviton 1 instead of the space station. 


Growing Lab refers to two different places on Planet Authair.  The first place is the area in Graviton 1 that provides for the growing of food for the crew, the second place comes into play later on in the story. It is a vast area at the Ponce Heidon Institution for the development of many plant species.  Both Growing Labs are run by Chico Quwattle

Authairians have two hearts: one to pump the blood to the lungs to receive oxygen, and the other to pump the oxygenated blood around the body. 

The victims display no sign of early trauma or disease. They suddenly lose consciousness, their lungs collapse, and hearts stop.

A fence of flashing red lights that creates a web of protection. A burst of flashing lights surrounded the mountain like a menacing scarlet web. Cimi knew about Graviton 1’s hololaser security fence, but seeing it in action put a new dimension to its reality.

HolomeetA conference hosted by an individual or group involving any number of people who are located remotely to that of the host and whose live images appear as holograms to all participants and viewers. Did you see the holomeet where she and Dr. Heidon each chaired a panel of experts? CH 1 CREATION

Ponce Heidon established Rules of Organization for his employees of The Ponce Heidon Institute of Genetics. He called these the House Rules.  

Then she quoted one of Ponce’s House Rules, “If you don’t know how to make it, get someone who does.”

Protective body covering, including a facial bubble, that protects the wearer from viral infection.  Such a skin is what Robar Gimmel is wearing in Thorf's dream. Chapter 4 The Blood.

A food dispensing machine embedded in a wall of all employee lounges at the Ponce Heidon Institute. Why it was called the analytics room no one knew. It was a fully equipped lounge with instantizers offering snacks and drinks made on-the-spot with fresh fruits, veggies, and protein products.

São Miguel Island, the largest of the volcanic islands in the Azores. known for its proliferation of caves and lava tubes. Chapter 5 TREASURE

An izzyism is a credo expressed by a character in IZ~ The Izzy Story. The characters are bursting with expressions that guide their actions. An example: During the trip to MBG21 (Earth) Izzy Tzeus is the only one small enough to take the risk of replacing the Central CPU chip on Graviton 1. If Izzy is successful he will save lives of everyone on the spaceship. This is his comment when he's given his instructions, "It's a matter of life, death, or tuna broccoli treats!"

A form of martial arts popular on Planet Authair.  Kan-Du is performed by only Authairian males who are trained to use their claw as the weapon of defense only in the event of threat to life. Kurl Tszargon and Gore Andriol are Kan-Du Masters. 

Being at the top in both sports, the famous Kan-Du master traveled around Authair officiating at competitions, amassing crowds simply for the opportunity to see both him and Black Lightning, as the public dubbed his sporty flier.

A small village located in Wiltshire, England, 12 miles from Stonehenge. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY

An undeciphered ancient hieroglyphic script used in Minoan writings. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY.

Antikythera Mechanism found near the island of Antikythera in the  Mediterranean Sea. Chapter 5 TREASURE.

Magnelev is a device developed by Authairians to counter the force of gravity. Cimi checked that all were secured. She locked her own restraint and nodded a go ahead to Phed who activated the magnelev.

Magnetic Levitation is a phenomenon that describes how Authairians counter the force of gravity using the strong magnetic fields of Planet Authair.

MBG21 is the code used by the Olympyons to identify Planet Earth.  Only Cimi Nuja knows the true meaning of each letter.

An Authairian verb meaning to display from a communication device, such as a Dyzzleberry Communicator, a live-action holographic image. For example Cimi might say this showing off  her newly designed DB. “Wow, an Olymfab morphload from my DB, look at that Chico, Izzy’s showing us he’s licked up the last crumb of his tuna broccoli treat!”

Multiple rolled layers (concentric tubes) of single sheets of graphite (graphene). Chapter 2 SKEPTICAL.

NPT is the public news broadcasting network available to all citizens of Planet Authair. She dug her ruby nails deep into the seat’s plush fibers impatient for National Public Telepathy’s update of deaths to scroll across the holovid at the front of the room.

Electrically excitable cells that process and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals. Glialpathing in Chapter 2 SKEPTICAL.

Notouchims are male orphans whose growth and behavior have been genetically manipulated by Ursula von Menglebort. When touched, their pores exude a substance that is fatal.  Dr. von Menglebort was able to manipulate genes so that the fear receptors in the brains of Notouchims are turned off.  In physical appearance they are stunted in growth and have curly blond hair. She leaned forward, her bony fingers tightening over the ends of the armrests.

“No vun vil confuse notouchims for Valympyons. Notouchims grow hair on zeer heads.”

Planet Authair's southern sun. The people on Planet Authair that live under Olym's sun rays are called Olympyons

The chairman nodded then gave his somber blessing calling upon the spiritual guidance of the ever present Olympyon sun.

“May Olym be with you.” 

An expression in Authairian Speak that means fabulously of olympic standards.  Synonym in Earth Speak, 'AWESOME.'  Cimi Nuja uses olymfab when she finds something really awesome. “Olymfab! That’s the greatest idea, Doc. With only two days to get it done, I know she’ll jump into the project and get out of her depression.”

Olymopos is the largest city in the Olympyon hemisphere on Planet Authair. It is the home of the University of Authair. Izzy Tzeus was born at PHI which is in Olymopos. 

Breaking News – A virus of unknown origin has spread to the suburbs of Olymopos. Five hundred—no, make that five—hundred—one more deaths in the last hour. That brings the total to 15,610. Emergency measures—. 

Southern hemisphere of planet Authair, and home of The Good in Iz~ The Izzy Story. The virus that now threatened the very existence of life on their planet had not been known at the time, but fear of biological weapons targeted on Olympya had been the driving force behind PHI’s rapid construction

Olympyon is a citizen of the hemisphere of Planet Authair that faces the sun, Olym.

Translates to: Planet Authair Universal Serial Number similar to Earth's Library of Congress Identification code (ISBN) - All Hidden Gems have a PAUSN identity.

There is a PCR Lab aboard both spaceships, Graviton 1 and also aboard Ragnarock. Dorf Tzeus performs his humanitarian work in Graviton 1's PCR Lab and Ursula von Menglebort performs her evil work in Ragnarock's PCR Lab. PCR stands for Polymerase chain reaction. It is a scientific technique in molecular biology to amplify a single or a few copies of a segment of DNA by several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence.


PHI stands for Ponce Heidon Institute for Genetic Research.  It is on Planet Authair, in the city of Olymopos. 

Cimi had never seen him in person outside the PHI and had to remind herself this was business, lives were in danger.

Sample Code on the Dyzzleberry Communicator used to establish communication with an employee of the Pone Heidon Institute of Genetics on Planet Authair.

Shortened version of Ponce Heidon Institute Mission Control.

Phed checked his DB. Nineteen minutes before scheduled departure. He knew PHI Mission Control, which he dubbed Phimc, would be watching their every move. They had no time to spare.


Pixelated is the description Kurl Tszargon gives to Cimi Nuja because of her obsession with reducing information to subpixels.


Planet Authair (pronounced out there) is the home of our characters who are classified The Good and The Bad. It resides on the outer rim of our Milky Way Galaxy and revolves in an orbit between two stars of a binary star system. On Planet Authair there is no night. The sun is always shining, if clouds and rain do not interfere. The Equapyon Mountain Range circles the entire planet at its equator, separating the Olympyon hemisphere from the Valympyon hemisphere. Ponce wound his way to Dorf’s WRAP thankful that PHI had been the first facility on Planet Authair with such a sterilization system installed at the entrance to each of its labs.

Authair’s orbit revolves around the center of gravity produced by a triple star system. The two primary stars controlling Authair’s orbit, each on opposite hemisphere’s of Planet Authair, are Olym on its southern hemisphere and Valym on its northern hemisphere. Proxi is the third and much more distant star. It is equally distant from both Olym and Valym creating the apex of an invisible triangle with the other two stars. The effect of Proxi on Authair’s orbit is slight but important for Authair’s stability. Authair’s orbit resembles an invisible Ferris wheel. Directly perpendicular from the hub of this invisible Ferris wheel, far into space, we see Olym on one side and Valym on the other side of the imaginary hub. Much farther out is space, directly in line with the imaginary turning rim of the Ferris wheel is the star Proxi. 

A myth about a celestial body, called Planet Midden, has been recounted by Authairians for thousands of years. The myth tells how their ancestors had developed a method of disposing of their refuse. They would send it on the backs of giant flying dragons to a celestial body orbiting their planet.  They called the celestial body Planet Midden. As each dragon arrived on Planet Midden he or she would find a fresh spot for depositing the cargo, then travel to an old deposit that had ripened and developed into the most wonderful feast for a tired and hungry flying dragon.  The dragon would feast and drink of clear water from fresh springs nearby, then rest for a full sleep cycle and fly back to Planet Authair to continue the recycling process. Planet Midden today is said to be lush and beautiful with the most wonderfully colorful shimmering-winged miniature dragons. 

A furnce, fictionalized in Iz~ The Izzy Story, that uses ionized hydrogen, plasma, to heat objects tens of thousands of degrees. Chapter 2 SKEPTICAL.

An extremely strong polymeric construction material fictionalized in IZ~ The Izzy Story. Chapter 1 ATTACK.

Ponce Heidon Institute also known as the PHI, is the genetic research institution on Planet Authair created by Ponce Heidon through the request of Olympyon Center for Disease with assistance from the Olympyon Government. Its purpose is to develop cures for all viruses threatening the existence of Authairians. Geneticists at the Ponce Heidon Institute have isolated an unknown virus from the victims’ blood. I repeat, no source has been established for this deadly strain 

Portal is the window created by the Thorium Lensing Device or TLD that allows entry and exit into the dark energy field.

Proxi is the sun farthest from Planet Authair.  Authair has three sons; Olym, Valym and Proxi.  Olym and Valym are on opposite hemispheres of Planet Authair.  Proxi is the third sun in the system and is several orders of magnitude away from Olym, Valym, and Planet Authair. 

Planet Authair has a close approach to Proxi once in every revolution of its orbit. Each of these revolutions is called a Proxi Cycle.

It takes 12 Earth years for Planet Authair to come within its closest approach to its third sun, Proxi. Each time Authair reaches its closest approach to Proxy, it is called One Proxi Cycle. One Proxi Cycle equals twelve Earth years.

Quindar tone is used to announce that a voice transmission is coming from either Graviton 1 or from the tower.

A furry ball of an animal indigenous to both hemispheres of Planet Authair. It fits snugly inside the hand of an adult, but doesn't like being there unless it gets soft scratches inside its thick fur. No need for arms; it gives hugs with long furry ears. It keeps a lizard-like tail coiled up inside a rump-pouch exposing only the puffball of fur on its tip. If a predator appears, rabbityle makes like a ball spinning, its tail uncoils and slings through the air where its ears stiffen to wings and it flies to safety. Although, a ball of fur, a rabbityle doesn't wobble when it's sitting. Two heron-like legs fold up underneath resting on sturdy four-toed feet. If it likes you, it'll pop to standing, bending its legs backwards, and follow you around until you feed it veggies. If it really likes you, it'll wrap its tail around your wrist and tap, tap, tap its puffball. Rabbityles come in shades of brown, white, black, blue, or a mottling of any combination. Don’t know but she’s been having a run on rabbityles—deliveries every other day. Guess she’s testing a new vaccine. You’d think she’d involve me in the study, probably doesn’t want my opinion on using live animals for test subjects.

Ragnarock is a spaceship built by the Valympyons using blueprints stolen from Graviton 1. Its interior was customized for the needs of Mumba's crew. 

How do you think we built Ragnarock? You think a bunch of pamdy-damdy genetic researchers know how to pilot a space ship? Not on your life, Andriol.

Ragnarock Chase and Destroy Graviton 1 Mission is the name of the assignment that Mumba Zola ordered his Six Star General, Gore Andriol, to stop the Olympyons from developing the vaccine that would cure the ABMR-Virus.

Trees whose cascading branches, in season, burst forth with daisy like flowers, however, before each Authairian sleep cycle, the vine-like branches entangle creating a hard shell. This provides protection from weather and beasts for anyone who chooses to rest under its canopy.  Ralkids are found primarily on the Valympyon hemisphere of Planet Authair.

Here she was a student of all things green and growing; her last opportunity, ever, to see the ralkid’s dome of vines untangle, open to the sun, and drop their blossoms, and she had botched it. 

Authairians call themselves raptans as Earthlings call themselves humans. The word has its basis in evolution. Millions of years ago Authairians evolved from raptors such as the Troodon. The following are examples of how forms of raptan are used: Ponce Heidon seeks to find a cure for the virus for the good of raptanity. Cimi Nuja is known to her fellow Authairians as a raptanitarian for her charitable service to education. The Ponce Heidon Institute was established to develop cures for diseases for the benefit of raptan kind. This small but mighty raptan—She emphasized the word raptan. —is able to flatten his body and slither near the bott’s feet undetected. You and I will distract the bott while Izzy jumps to its shoulder and replaces the chyp.

Also known as the RFI, the Rosaland Franklin Institute of Genetics is a fictitious  research laboratory facility in Titusville, New Jersey.

Safety shell is the device attached to the seats on Graviton 1 that secures the occupant into a safe position during liftoff, landing, through portals between normal matter and the dark energy field, and other potentially hazardous travel conditions.

SAVED is the code for Successful Antivirus Effectively Developed that Dorf Seuz and Robar Gimmel had agreed would be the signal to begin distribution preparation of the vaccine.

A hardy plant that grows on Planet Authair in salty warm water. Its appearance is similar to red mangrove that grows in tropical climates on Earth. The walker part of the name comes from the way the roots appear to be walking. She pulled the kayak partially onto muddy sand, not able to one-handedly empty its sloshing water. Her destination was directly across the stream to a seawalker grove. 

Security lounge is the seat in the command center for each crew member to use while at his work. The crew member can be secured in it when there is a need for safety during flight.  It also contains the safety shell that is kept embedded at the base of the seat under normal flight conditions.

That period of time designated by Authairians for rest as Planet Authair has perpetual daylight. Authairians have eyelids that have adapted to blocking out high levels of illumination. Doggedly she walked on, focusing every few seconds on the heads-up icon. Finally it flashed “Sleep cycle destination complete.

Squreep is the written representation of the Quindar tone used to alert the beginning of a voice communication between the tower and Graviton 1.

A weapon that immobilizes the victim. Used for protection by the Good and the Bad on planet Authair. 

The stunfire can paralyze up to forty paces. Keep a distance from your enemy. At close range some waves may deflect and hit an unintended target. 

Authair’s sunsphere is a thick glowing cloud-cover surrounding the planet. Viewing their sky from the ground, Authairians observe a bright illuminated ring around their sun which they call sunsphere. The sunsphere’s color is most intense near the sun and fades as one looks toward the horizon. It changes color as the planet rotates due to the ionizing radiation created by the aurora tornadoes at the poles. The sunsphere’s shades of color provide a time reference for Authairians. When the sunsphere turned blue-violet sleep-cycle was upon all living on Authair. CH 4 CREATION.

Swiggle – An Authairian liquid measure equivalent to 37 cm3 or 2.50 US Tablespoons or 2.08 UK Tablespoons.  Example: Mumba Zola enraged at Leachim, What’s this?” He held up the full tankard of foaming blood beer then consumed it as if downing a shot of liquor. A chubby hand thrust the empty mug at his befuddled nephew. “Can’t you measure? Two swiggles, you gave Mumba Zola only two swiggles? 

Except for Jeeves, those listed as The Bad deserve that designation. Jeeves finds himself a captive of Mumba Zola, so must do the bidding of the evil dictator. Others included in The Bad are Ursula von Menglebort, General Gore Andriol, and Leachim Ztulk (another innocent who must live under the horrific demands of his uncle Mumba). Hari Mata is a female spy hired by Gore Andriol. She certainly deserves her place among The Bad in CREATION.  See The Bad

Dorf rushed to Ponce’s aid flashing a burst of stunfire. It grazed Harimata’s hat, before a blow to his head toppled him.

These are the characters who have adventures with Authairians who have arrived on Earth from Planet Authair. See The Earthlings. Some of the Earthlings' stories are introduced in Book 1 IZ~ THE IZZY STORY: ENCOUNTERS and in subsequent books of CREATION, different Earthlings interact with the Authairians. The Earthlings in ENCOUNTERS includes: Thorf Serendopolis, Aristotle Maritimis, Carys Wynter, Illiachus Wynter, Thera, 1 Condor, Geoffrey Devans, and Dee.

Ponce Heidon, Dorf Tzeus, Izzy Tzeus, Cimi Nuja, Kurl Tzargon, Robar Gimmel, and Phed are The Good. They are native to the Olympyon hemisphere of Planet Authair, and are being pursued by Mumba Zola, dictator of the Valympyon hemisphere.  Chico Quwattle is an exception. She is a Valympyon who is implicated in the bombing of the Valympyon state office complex, and has escaped to Olympya. See The Good.


God of thunder and lightning synonymous with the Celtic mythology god Taranis

A Norwegian explorer, ethnographer and adventurer who proved ancient peoples of South America were capable of  sailing across the Pacific to Polynesia.

TLD stands for Thorium Lensing Device. Dr. D.D. Whatsus accidentally discovered the Lensing Energizing Mechanism while at graduate school working on his Ph.D. His discovery was immediately classified as top secret by the Authairian government and the Authairian Air Force developed the TLD as a means of traveling through space at previously impossible speeds

Authair revolves around the center of gravity between its two suns (Olym and Valym).  The measure of time for one revolution is determined by the annual closest approach to a third sun of the three star system.  The third sun is Proxi.  It too revolves around the other two suns, but has an extremely long period of revolution.  To determine the length of an Authairian year, the Authairians mark the year's beginning when Planet Authair is the closest to Proxi.  Each revolution of Authair about its orbit between the two suns, olym and Valym, takes the equivalent of 12 earth years.  The closest approach of Planet Authair to its 3rd sun, Proxy, has a biological significance for life on Authair just as does the effect of the lunar cycle to that of life on Earth.

Authair rotates on an axis that is parallel to its axis of rotation around the center of gravity between its two suns.  The direction of rotation is the same as that of its revolution.  The daily rotation of planet Authair defines another, shorter, unit of time called an Olym.  Each daily rotation requires 20 Olyms.  One Olym is equivalent to 100 minutes earth time.  Thus, each Authairian day is equivalent to a little more than one earth day.  Throughout the story, time is often referred to as a fraction of an Olym, such as 0.1 Olym (or about 10 minutes earth time).

Each pole of Authair points directly to one of the two suns, Olym and Valym.  Two cultures evolved that hold their respective sun in reverence.  Thus, Authairians living on the hemisphere facing Olym call themselves Olympyons and those living on the hemisphere facing Valym call themselves Valympyons.  

Olympyons use time units of Olyms and Valympyons use time units of Valyms. One Olym time unit is equal in value to that of one Valym time unit.

The poles of Authair always face one of the two suns.   It is never night on the planet and Authairians never experience darkness.  They are naturally very afraid of the dark.  If an Authairian resides on one of the poles, the sun never appears to move.  Near the equator, an Authairian would observe the sun to travel in a small circular path each day, but would still never experience darkness. 



Thorium Lensing Device 

TLD stands for Thorium Lensing Device. Dr. D.D. Whatsus accidentally discovered the Lensing Energizing Mechanism while at graduate school working on his Ph.D. His discovery was immediately classified as top secret by the Authairian government and the Authairian Air Force developed the TLD as a means of traveling through space at previously impossible speeds

A technique for dating solids which measures the accumulated radiation exposure of the object from the time it was formed to the present. Chapter 3 DISCOVERY.

Tookay is a puree of any fruit topped with a froth of gnarlythorn nectar. 

Izzy Tzeus' favorite food. Chico Quwattle created the recipe that includes, tuna fish, broccoli, gnarly thorn nectar, and other ingredients to temp the taste buds of Izzy.

Izzy suddenly balanced on his toes, twirled around and burst into a sing-songy path. “Tuna Broccoli Treats, nutritious, delicious, crispy sweets. Izzy loves Tuna Broccoli Treats.” 

Vaccine bubble rolls are the storage containers that include individual vaccine dosages that have been assembled by Botty under the watchful eyes of Izzy Tzeus.

Authair's northern sun. The people on Planet Authair that live under Valym's sun rays as called Valympyons. Valym's rays shine over the Valympyon hemisphere through work cycle and sleep cycle on Planet Authair. One hundred forty skilled marksmen stood shoulder to shoulder in rows of twenty under Valym’s rays.

Valympyon is a citizen of the hemisphere of Planet Authair that faces the sun, Valym. Even though it may seem so, as our story begins, not all Valympyons belong to The BadSpeaking to people was not something Ursula enjoyed, so it seldom happened, but when it did, she spoke of herself in the third person, elevating her persona to the prominence deserving of Valympyon’s preeminent virologist.

VARRUMPH is the sound made when Graviton 1 enters and exits the dark energy field that occupies seventy-three percent of the mass of the universe. The dark energy field is inaccessible without the aid of the Thorium Lensing Device.

Villinois - A city in the Valympyon hemisphere of Authair, famous throughout Planet Authair for its University. Chico Quwattle, one of The Good, won a scholarship to the University of Villinois and studied plant genetics there.

VSR or virtual surveillance reality is Mumba Zola's system that virtually embeds the observer into live action of a chosen geographical location. It allows the operator to feel temperature and hear environment sounds as if he or she were there. In this clip from CREATION Mumba, referring to himself as His Excellency, is instructing his five star general, Gore Andriol: “With this VSR upgrade His Excellency will be there when you break into the PHI and destroy their laboratories.”

Vizzigram – An artistic creation, still or animated, in either 2D or 3D, produced by an individual’s virtual painting on a Dyzzleberry Communicator’s projected image. 

A verbal pronouncement delivered by an authorized Authairian that seals a contract or that commissions an action

Wilco is the word used by flight controllers when they want to stress a point of compliance to the request of a pilot. It means 'will comply.'

A typographical symbol standing for an Authairian curse known as the Z-word: a vile expletive favored by His Excellency. Excerpt from CREATION: '"Shut the Z*#! sound off, you numbskull," shouted Mumba.'"