Dyzzleberry Dictionary ::

Authairians have a device called the Dyzzleberry Communicator or DB. Its name came from the Dyzzleberry plant that develops a vivid red berry and grows near the poles on Planet Authair. The DB has an indicator light that glows red when in active communication mode. Its owner texts or speaks a message and the DB relays that message any distance to the intended recipient’s brain. The recipient receives this mental message through the unique field created by the aurora tornadoes.It was discovered that energy created by this field could be harnessed through the DB technology and used for planetary communication.

The DB is programmed to activate the glial cells of the recipient’s brain. The owner of each DB must have his or her brainprint programmed into the DB for the glial cells to pick up the transmission. Anyone communicating in this way is said to be glialpathing. The DB has an embedded unit that can be retracted or exposed when activated. It then becomes a powerful telescopic camera as well as a projector. The DB has evolved to a micro-thin flexible organic-like device that is attached (a jell-like glue adheres it) to a convenient spot on the body. Once adhered to the body the device instantly reads that body’s DNA profile and compares it to the one to which it has been programmed so that it will only operate for authorized wearers.