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Bott - Intelligent machine designed to assist Authairians in a variety of tasks. For instance, Clyde is one of Cimi Nuja’s botts. She programmed him as a combination of mischief and manners, capable of performing high level mathematics as well as menial tasks. Botts have two appendage-like arms with grasping hands of four fingers and opposing thumb. A bott’s arms have multiple joints from shoulder to wrist. Sensory receptors for sound, touch, and odor on their globular head, receive 360-degree signals. Three eyes, two in the front and one in back create panoramic vision. Auditory response emits through a small mouth-like orifice. Botts do not have legs or feet. Magnetic levitation with a gravity ring at the base of a hip-like section, facilitates movement. A bott from head to base of gravity ring is approximately 1.2 meters or 4 feet. When levitating, the bott can appear to be variable heights. The door lifted, and a bott about half Kurl’s height, flew out like a bumble bee looking for nectar. It hovered near Kurl making eye to eye contact