Peek at Chapter 1 

E TwoTwo, E TwoTwo, E TwoTwo!

Chico dashed out of the conference room, leaving Izzy scrambling onto Dorf’s back trailing crumbs from his quickly abandoned congratulatory treat.

The Emergency code created another path of glial cells around newly forming neurons in Izzy’s brain. He climbed onto Dorf’s shoulder, twisted his neck into a quest for eye to eye contact, and glialpathed, Izzy can help. What can he do?  What can Izzy do?

Dorf jerked his head around to Izzy’s pleading gaze.  The geneticist had been sending lock-down signals to his files through his organic wrist Dyzzleberry Communicator, known as DB.

“Extreme urgency, Iz.” Dorf lowered his voice. “They’re breaking in. Here, get inside my shirt.”  Dr. Dorf Tzeus pulled back the neck of his shirt. “Flatten out against my back and keep that tail of yours hidden. We’ve got trouble. Don’t let them see your face.”