“Three, two, one.” Kurl released the maglev, and the great ship lifted silently up the mountain shaft on its path through time and space toward MBG21, its Earthly destination.

CREATION: Chapter 55 (Take Your Positions)

“Graviton-1 clear for ascent.” :: added May 18, 2023

Dorf pulled a lever, and the mountain top opened like the iris of an eye. Olym’s yellow rays filled the control center’s dome. “Graviton-1 clear for ascent.”

CREATION: Chapter 55 (Take Your Positions)

“See those?” The commander touched tiny dots on the video monitor. “Government defense drones heading our way. Must have detected disturbance at G-1.
We’ve got to get out of here.”

CREATION: Chapter 55 (Take Your Positions)


The scientists had no time... :: added May 12, 2023

The scientists had no time to contemplate the awesome brilliance of Graviton-1’s control center so grave was their mission to develop a life-saving vaccine.
CREATION: Chapter 55 (Take Your Positions)

General Andriol could not move... :: added April 27, 2023

General Andriol could not move, but his blurry eyes witnessed the famous Cimi Nuja carrying away the lifeless body of the small but fearsome monster.

CREATION: Chapter 54 (Naked Reality)


There was a ping and flash of green, followed by Botty’s affirmation. “Pulse scrambled.”

CREATION: Chapter 54 (Naked Reality)


“When these guys revive, their weapons will work. Not good. I can prevent more deaths." She spoke into her DB. “Botty, scramble electromagnetic pulse of all light-emission weapons, stat.”

CREATION: Chapter 54 (Naked Reality)


She noticed something black plugging the ears of those without helmets. "What’s that? Can’t be Double Trouble. I’ve got it all."

CREATION: Chapter 54 (Naked Reality)


Cimi glanced around at the motionless pink lumps littering the ground. Not one invader moved. The healthier ones will revive first, she thought. (Narrator/Cimi)

CREATION: Chapter 54 (Naked Reality)


The officer clinging to the pole flipped over in the air and landed on a soldier aiming his death laser to fire at the female enemy who’d just shot one of his comrades.

CREATION: Chapter 53 (Pink Flamingos Down)


Out of the corner of her eye, Cimi saw a uniformed body catapult from the pink behemoth, a long pole in its grip.

CREATION: Chapter 53 (Pink Flamingos Down)


Another female, instead of running, lifted her arm toward the trooper, who suddenly convulsed and fell from the discharge of some unseen weapon.

CREATION: Chapter 53 (Pink Flamingos Down)


His death laser poised... :: added March 30, 2023

The first trooper to exit the transporter with his death laser poised aimed his weapon at a female fleeing the invasion.

CREATION: Chapter 53 - Pink Flamingos Down


“Prepare to invade!” :: added March 14, 2023

Gore tumbled to the floor shouting, “Prepare to invade,” his orders unheard by ear-plugged troops rolling, bouncing, and scrambling to save their lives.

(Chapter 53: CREATION - Pink Flamingos Down)


Chico watched in horror... :: added March 9, 2023

Chico watched in horror as a pink-clad invader turned a death laser toward her best friend. She raised her bioweapon and aimed.

(Chapter 52: CREATION - Anti-Izzy Concoction)


The great pink transporter rocked violently. Lights went out, and all the shells burst open.

(Chapter 53: CREATION - Pink Flamingos Down)


A tuft now a neon flash... :: added March 2, 2023

Cimi, her tuft now a neon flash of red and white, bolted, running to save Kurl.

(Chapter 52: CREATION - Anti-Izzy Concoction)


The nose of the PPP imposter blasted open. :: added February 28, 2023

The nose of the PPP imposter blasted open. Pink bodies fell, rolled, or ran out helter-skelter. A flash of green appeared. Izzy stood, teeth bared with fists thrust forward in a menacing Kan-du stance.

(Chapter 52: CREATION - Anti-Izzy Concoction)


A plummeting pink beast from the sky slammed onto the Olympyon transporter burying all but its winged tips into the ground.

(Chapter 52: CREATION - The Anti-Izzy Concoction)


“DANGER! DANGER!” :: added February 21, 2023

“DANGER! DANGER!” shot through the team’s glial cells, as the forest exploded with branches flying everywhere.

(Chapter 52: CREATION - Anti-Izzy Concoction)


Operation Mountain Monster belonged to Six-Star General Gore Andriol. The massive, empty cargo hold of VRAT-1 waited to receive the dead bodies and any material evidence of a conflict.

(Chapter 51: CREATION - Signal for Action)


“Skdjlsjflsjf Phed Ilkjkld just informed me that a transporter of the Pink Peace Power is heading in our direction. They should be above our position in twenty minutes.” (Kurl)

(Chapter 50: CREATION - Transformation)

02-Pink_Peace_Power_Transporter-Ch50 (1).jpg

...the magnificent Graviton-1... :: added February 9, 2023

Kurl tapped his DB and a trapezoidal section of the synthetic mountain morphed into a conveyor belt leading to the underside of the magnificent Graviton-1.

(Chapter 50: CREATION - Transformation)



Izzy yanked out the perilous chyp. :: added February 7, 2023

Izzy yanked out the perilous chyp. The bott’s head dropped and wobbled against its chest, its arms fell limp.

CREATION: Chapter 49 - Chyp Switch


An object flashing lights zoomed from the east side of the mountain, dropped to the ground and released a security bott that hovered in front of Kurl.

(Chapter 49: CREATION - Chyp Switch)


Kurl triggered the security system. :: added January 31, 2023

Kurl triggered the security system. A flashing red essence ringed the mountain and sparked a warning, “Come any closer, and trespassers will be immobilized and captured.”

(Chapter 49: CREATION - Chyp Switch)


“This small but mighty raptan will be able to flatten his body and slither near the bott undetected. You and I will distract the bott while Izzy jumps to its shoulder and replaces the chyp.” (Cimi)

(CREATION: Chapter 49 - Chyp Switch)

02-Izzy_Jumps-Ch49 (1).jpg

“Assistant Commander Cimi Nuja, you are an unwelcome distraction. You must concern yourself only with the task at hand, not flaunting a mutant lizard accessorizing your shoulder.” (Kurl)

(CREATION: Chapter 49 - Chyp Switch)


“Among the enemy is a monster who can destroy you with one piercing scream. Five minutes before touchdown, you are to plug both of your ears with the remaining gum.” (Gore)

(CREATION: Chapter 48 – Follow the Tassel)


Gore held up three cubes of gum each wrapped in black and silver. “These are for your safety. Put two in your concealed pocket, the third in your mouth. Chew twenty times.” (Gore)

(CREATION: Chapter 48 – Follow the Tassel)


With bott-like precision, each trooper placed his hot pink helmet one centimeter from the heel of his left boot, clasped hands behind his back and stomped his feet once into an at-ease stance.

(CREATION: Chapter 48 – Follow the Tassel)


Shoulder to shoulder, 140 skilled marksmen adorned in hot pink from helmet to boot, stood in rows of twenty under Valym’s rays.

(CREATION: Chapter 48 – Follow the Tassel)


“Izzy, as long as you get it near enough to the opening the chyp will dock automatically.” (Cimi)

(CREATION: Chapter 47 – Access Blocked)


She inserted the flat side of the chyp into the port on her DB, and a tiny antenna burst out with a light on the end.

(CREATION: Chapter 47 – Access Blocked)



“I designed this government security model to prevent remote changes. I can prepare a substitute chyp, but it will have to be physically replaced.” (Cimi)

(CREATION: Chapter 47 – Access Blocked)


“The Bott’s control chyp must be replaced as soon possible so it will recognize and admit our team members.” (Kurl)

(CREATION: Chapter 47 – Access Blocked)


“A security bott is preventing my access to G-1. That bott is an obstacle to entering the spaceship.” (Kurl)

(CREATION: Chapter 47 – Access Blocked)


A blur of red, white, and blue shot in from the east side of the mountain, its path a few meters above the flashing security web as it hovered near Kurl.

(CREATION: Chapter 47 - Access Blocked)


Cimi surveyed the craggy mountain... :: added December 21, 2022

The base of a rocky mountain came into view on Cimi’s DB, and she surveyed the craggy mountain.

(CREATION: Chapter 47 - Access Blocked)


“Your sharpshooters must annihilate the creators of the virus, kill the monster then clean up and eliminate any trace of conflict.” (Gore) (CREATION: Chapter 46 - Camouflage)


Pink Peace Power, the perfect disguise! :: added December 14, 2022

“Pink Peace Power, the perfect disguise! No one will suspect the peace-loving organization of violent intent.”
(CREATION: Chapter 46 - Camouflage)


We’ll follow Graviton 1 in Ragnarock :: added December 12, 2022

“We’ll follow Graviton 1 in Ragnarock and blast Heidon’s team out of existence.” (Gore)
(CREATION: Chapter 45 - Secret No More)

Heidon’s team is fleeing to Graviton-1. :: added December 9, 2022

“Heidon’s team is fleeing to Graviton-1. They’ve got the monster aboard with them.” (Gore)
(CREATION: Chapter 45 - Secret No More)

“Inside G-1, is state-of-the-art everything. They’ve even got a growing lab for fresh veggies. We can make more tuna-broccoli treats.” (Cimi)

(CREATION: Chapter 44 - Plan G-1)


Graviton-1 is a massive spaceship :: added December 5, 2022

“Graviton-1 is a massive spaceship with Authair’s most advanced technology. It travels through space and time.” (Cimi)

(CREATION: Chapter 44 - Plan G-1)


“I hypothesize the black of Double Trouble’s carbon nanotubes plays a critical role in the gum’s protective powers. There’s no more Double Trouble. I bought it all.” (Cimi) (CREATION: Chapter 44 - Plan G-1)


OSS-176 hit by missile. Plan B averted... :: added December 1, 2022

“OSS-176 hit by missile. Plan B averted. Plan G-1 activated. Prepare to depart on Graviton-1." (Kurl) (CREATION: Chapter 44 – Plan G-1)


NPTV live: “There’s been an attack on Olympyon Space Station 176. A missile of unknown origin blasted two solar wings on the station’s west orientation."
-Chapter 43: Unfortunate Event

D for destroy. :: added November 4, 2022

Leachim ended up in the wrong building. So, thinking he was activating the telescope, he entered the coordinates thinking he pressed D for detect. Instead, it was D for destroy.
-Chapter 43: Unfortunate Event
“Leachim can spy on the comings and goings of the famous Dr. Heidon. I’ll order him to record every detail of the PHI director’s movements from the telescope of the Valympyon Royal Defense Monitoring Station, he can’t screw up that.” (Gore)
-Chapter 42: Kill Them All
The general reviewed the recent audio transmissions from Chico. His face lit up, and he smiled at Buster. “We have some good news, little guy, Ponce is moving the whole operation to Olympyon Space Station 176.” (Gore)
-Chapter 42: Kill Them All

“Find Harimata and make sure she has an accident. A fatal one. She knows too much. One more thing. Find out where those freaking monster-makers are hiding and kill them. Kill them all!” (Mumba)
-Chapter 42: Kill Them All


Icy water spilled over his head and body :: added October 21, 2022

Gore jerked his head toward Mumba’s angry glare as icy water spilled over his head and body
-Chapter 42: Kill Them All

General Andriol shot to attention in his bare feet and borrowed military-issue sleeping shirt. “Douse him!” commanded Mumba.  


The tiniest part of a furry ear showed :: added October 14, 2022

The tiniest part of a furry ear showed at the edge of an unfamiliar sleeve. Hearts slamming, Gore yanked that arm close to his body. “Who dressed me in this clean pajama shirt and bottoms? They must’ve found Buster!” 


The faithful servant scanned the room. Sprawled unconscious on the floor lay both His Excellency and General Gore Andriol, breathing labored and faces contorted. Blood-beer soaked Mumba’s angora cloak, and vomit oozed over the general’s uniform.


The witness bent over sobbing. :: added September 12, 2022

The witness bent over sobbing. Then suddenly stood and shook a fist in the air. “We’ve got to get rid of those geneticists. First, the deadly virus, and now they’ve created a monster.”


I saw a monster! :: added September 9, 2022

I saw a monster covered with green and black spears standing on the back of a geneticist who’d fallen to the ground. An orange flag waved madly under its neck. Its huge mouth could have swallowed a watermelon.


NPTO live... :: added September 7, 2022

NPTO live: “There’s been a break-in at the Ponce Heidon Institute of Genetics in Olymopos. The situation is chaotic.  One witness claims a monster paralyzed everyone in sight.


Chico’s DB flashed a news update that made her shutter. “The chief security officer of the Ponce Heidon Institute of Genetics was found dead in front of her home. It appears she stepped out of her sissca and was viciously attacked from behind.”


“PHI’s been attacked. We need medevac stat. The director’s losing blood, and Chief’s got a head wound. Doc’s not responding, but he’s breathing. Everyone’s unconscious but me. Oh, and CQ’s missing.”  (Cimi)


Saved Our Lives... :: added August 15, 2022

Izzy, splayed on his back where he’d collapsed atop Dorf’s body, gave no signs of life. Cimi bent over, slipping her hand under the limp form. “Oh, Izzy, you sweet little thing. You saved our lives.”


Run For Your Lives... :: added August 12, 2022

The previously emboldened head of security yelled, “A monster, They’ve created a monster. There might be more. Run for your life!” (Harimatta)


Protestors Came To Life... :: added August 8, 2022

Slowly, ever so slowly, the rigid forms of the once angry protesters came to life. Blood sluggishly pumped into withered veins. Throat muscles began to flex. A shriek broke the silence.


Boiling Cauldron... :: added August 5, 2022

Mumba’s body froze. Gravity brought him crashing to the floor. His mind fired sensations of being lowered slowly into a cauldron of boiling oil. The tiny monster’s paralyzing sound waves had turned the virtual experience into reality.


Sound Shock... :: added August 1, 2022

Izzy’s sound shocked every nerve fiber and muscle of all raptans—both the good and the bad. Those who’d been standing fell and lay struggling for breath. Their bodies shivering uncontrollably.


A Chasm of Sound :: added July 28, 2022

Iz raised his head, opened tiny jaws, and bared his teeth. A web of skin fanned out from both sides of his mouth, creating a chasm that magnified a sound from deep within.


A burst of stunfire - Chapter 36 :: added July 15, 2022

A burst of stunfire sent Gore and Mumba teetering in their seats with the near-reality of the blast. (Narrator)


Harimata’s goons grabbed Ponce’s arms, forced him to the floor, and pulled him facedown through the shards of debris. (Narrator)


General Andriol and His Excellency ducked as glass, metal, and concrete shattered on the floor, sending crystals of debris through the air—their virtual reality all too real. (Narrator)


Death lasers... :: added July 1, 2022

The intruders pointed small weapons at Ponce. Dorf recognized the death lasers, designed to vaporize organic material with one well-placed shot. (Narrator)

Death_Lasers-Ch_35 (1).jpg

An explosion of glass, metal, and plexi crumbled the entrance to the conference center, throwing Doc and Phed across the room. (Narrator)



Destroyed the samples lab - Ch 35 :: added June 24, 2022

 “They’ve destroyed the samples lab and are heading to the demonstration lab. It’s the only space separating us from the invaders.” (Ponce)



A hail of glass shards. :: added June 20, 2022

As the hail of glass shards and flying debris settled, the invaders stormed the depth of the conference room. 


Harimata signaled, thrusting her arms high. An explosion blew up the demonstration lab and crumbled the arched entry into the conference room.



Fake PHI Security :: added June 16, 2022

Harimata signaled, thrusting her arms high. An explosion blew up the demonstration lab and crumbled the arched entry into the conference room.



Ursula says... :: added June 6, 2022

Ursula says: "Vy zee Earthzing’s vaccine has no cure. Ha, ha. Such Mumba sycophants. Zay all vill die!"


Thorf says... :: added June 3, 2022

Thorf says: "Good people of the United States are dying needlessly because of lies a Mumba-mimic and his followers have spread."


Thera says... :: added May 30, 2022

Thera says: "I pass on the spirit of wisdom to Earthlings, as my father would have done."


Dr. Gimmel says... :: added May 27, 2022

Dr. Gimmel says: "The vaccine Dr. Dorf Tzeus developed to combat the ABMR virus saved Authairian society because they understood the science and took the vaccine."


Ponce says... :: added May 23, 2022

Ponce says: "Dorf ‘s research saved Authairians. The ABMR virus team will speak truth to Earthlings."


Phed says... :: added May 20, 2022

Phed says: "It took Dr. Tzeus 5 earth years to develop the ABMR virus vaccine, that’s one day Authairian time. Earthlings developed the Covid 19 vaccine in less than a year. Now it’s important to get that vaccine to all Earthlings at stelar speed."


Mumba says... :: added May 16, 2022

"Only the Great Mumba shall receive the vaccine IN SECRET."


Mumba says... :: added May 16, 2022

Mumba says: "Only the Great Mumba shall receive the vaccine IN SECRET."


Leachim says... :: added May 13, 2022

"One mistake I will never make better is to get vaccinated."


Kurl says... :: added May 9, 2022

"Earthlings were good to us when we arrived on MBG21. I’d like to help them understand how the Covid 19 vaccine is necessary, but I’m not a people person. Ms. Nuja is best at that."


Jeeves says... :: added May 6, 2022

"His Excellency would have been the first to be vaccinated. With him gone, the ABMR virus vaccine cured both Valympyon and Olympyon Authairians. VACCINE DAY on Authair is the most celebrated holiday. Oh, that Earthlings could celebrate in kind."


Izzy says... :: added May 2, 2022

"Earthling friends, go get vaccinated. Get your second shot and then get boosted."


Illiachus says... :: added April 29, 2022

"Pandemic raging world around. Trust science where the cure is found. So much my aged years have seen, but none so precious as vaccine."


Gore Andriol says... :: added April 25, 2022

"Earthlings can die for all I care. So why worry whether or not they get vaccinated."


Dorf says... :: added April 22, 2022

"Earthlings gave us a safe-haven to develop ABMR virus vaccine. Now it’s our turn to convince Earthlings to get vaccinated from Covid 19 virus."


Professor Devans says... :: added April 18, 2022

"Count me in. I’m spreading the word. Vaccines save lives."


Cimi says :: added April 11, 2022

"Earthlings I’m rooting for you! Do the math. Study the statistics on Covid 19 and its variants. You will for sure GET VACCINATED!"


Dee says... :: added April 11, 2022

"I’m lucky not to have lived during a pandemic. But you ‘betcha’ I’d be the first in line to get vaccinated."


Chico says :: added April 8, 2022

"To all good people of Earth, get vaccinated and save lives."


Carys says: :: added April 4, 2022

"If I’d had an opportunity to keep myself and Honorable Grandfather safe by taking a vaccine, I would consider it a duty of highest responsibility."


Aristotle says: :: added April 1, 2022

"Yamas! To all who get fully vaccinated! You make it safer for old folks like me."


1 Condor says... :: added March 30, 2022

"The vaccine saves lives. In my day without a vaccine we died young. Authairian society was saved when they took the ABMR virus vaccine. Wise Earthlings can now also be saved getting their vaccine for Covid 19."



Minutes before Spy 21 invaded PHI leading the protesters through reception, the unwitting ABMR virus team assembled for a meeting.

01_Minutes_Before_Spy21_Invades_CH_33 (03-11).png

Harimata led the many ranks of protesters four abreast into the reception area of PHI chanting, “Stop this insane research,” adding a rhythmic six-step march.

01_Harimata_Led_the_Ranks_CH_32 (03-04).png

Something special for Izzy. :: added February 28, 2022

“CQ made something special for Izzy, five thin and fragile-looking greenish-brown tuna-broccoli wafers.” (Dr. Gimmel)

01_Tuna_Broccoli_Wafers_Ch_31 (02-28).png

From the egg place to the hatch place. :: added February 25, 2022

“Look, Iz, your egg-place. There’s where Daddy Tzeus carefully removed your embryo and took it to the habitat that became your hatch-place.” (Cimi)

05_Egg_Place_Ch_30 (02-25).png

Izzy & Dr. Tzeus are blood relatives. :: added February 21, 2022

"Dr. Tzeus’s blood gave you Authairian raptan genes. You and Dr. Tzeus are blood relatives. You’ll be fine." (Phed)

03_Raptan_Genes_Blood_Relatives_Ch_30 (02-18).png

KUWI reactivated. :: added February 21, 2022

Izzy allowed Cimi to snap the thin collar around his neck. Instantly, KUWI reactivated, and a line on a graph spiked and moved along the no longer blank screen above H-4.

04_KUWI_Reactivated_Ch_30 (02-21).png

Izzy eats breakfast. :: added February 14, 2022


He sprang to the ground and began eating a breakfast of hydrated protein powder.

02_Protein_Powder_Ch_30 (02-14).png

Izzy says, "No, thank you." :: added February 11, 2022

Reacting to Phed’s announcement that he could now breathe outside his habitat, Izzy exclaimed, “No. Izzy happy with branches, lagoon, turf, and logs. No, thank you.” (Izzy)


Checkmate! :: added February 4, 2022

"Checkmate!" Izzy's path couldn't have been more enthusiastic. He bobbed up and down with glee.

01_Checkmate_Ch_29 (02-04).png

Gore zoomed in on Aqua Tree Lane. :: added January 28, 2022

Gore zoomed in on Aqua Tree Lane and maneuvered alongside the protesters at PHI. Their chanting—STOP THIS INSANE RESEARCH—came in stronger the closer he brought them to the dissidents.

03_Gore_Zooms_In_Ch_28 (01-28).png

Spying for the cause. :: added January 21, 2022

“I have a PHI employee who sympathizes with the protesters and has been spying for our cause. She’s in the process of procuring the director’s schedule.” (Gore)

02_Gore_Has_a_PHI_Spy_Ch_28 (01-21).png

Gore brings important information. :: added January 14, 2022

“I bring valuable information for His Excellency Mumba Zola, President for Life, Lord of All the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of All Valympya.” (Gore)

01_Gore_Brings_Info_Ch_28 (01-14).png

Ponce says "We have a mask mandate at PHI." :: added December 13, 2021

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.



Izzy says, "I look just like Daddy Tzeus." :: added November 29, 2021

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.



Yes, yes, Six-Star General Andriol. :: added November 22, 2021

“Yes, yes, Six-Star General Andriol. I’ll make better mistakes next time. I, I mean, I’ll fix it. You’ll see.” (Leachim)

05 Yes_Six_Star_General_Ch_27.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


“My grandmother, brother, and aunt are being tortured. You’re holding them hostage to force me to provide information for you.” (Chico)

04 Holding_Them_Hostage_Ch_27.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


Chico’s left ear vibrated. :: added November 8, 2021

Chico’s left ear vibrated.  An automated message said, “You have forty-five seconds to listen to a live conversation of your captive family.” (Narrator)

03 Chicos_Left_Ear_Vibrated_Ch_27.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


Buster’s head bobbed in agreement. :: added November 1, 2021

“Harimata will memorize their route. Then apply for a job as the chief security officer at PHI.”  Gore picked up Buster’s one ear and dropped it over the toy’s face. Buster’s head bobbed in agreement. (Gore)

02 Buster_Bobbed_in_Agreement_Ch_27.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


He sat down at his desk to formulate a plan of attack, anticipating how the invasion of PHI would earn him the metal he had so long coveted. (Narrator)

01 Formulate_Attack_Plan_Ch_27.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


The DB screen filled with symbols, numbers, signs, and letters. Izzy’s fingers blurred as did the images racing across both displays. (Narrator)

07 DB_Screen_Filled_withSymbols_Ch_26.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


Ingerschröd Wave Equation :: added October 11, 2021

“Dr. Heidon, do you want the Ingerschröd Wave Equation derived for time-dependent or time-independent conditions?” (Izzy)

06 Ingerschröd_Wave_Equation_Ch_26.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


What do you think of the name Izzy? :: added October 4, 2021

“UO-1’s blood type and DNA is Authairian—but part iguana, part feline, and part raptan. If all this is true, What do you think of the name Izzy?”  (Ponce)

05 What_Do_You_Think_of_the_Name_Izzy_Ch_26.jpg

In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


Terrified for the adorable feline-iguana she loved, Cimi chewed her Double Trouble Bubble Gum with fervor. (Narrator)

04 Cimi_is_Terrified_for_UO-1_Ch_26.jpg


In Authair they wouldn't need visible masks. They have an invisible film that can protect them from dangerous particles of any size. But, IZ and Friends understand how their appearance to 2021 earthlings can help encourage safety and want to see the pandemic end on Earth.


Dr. Ponce Heidon won Alfred Wei Authair Award :: added September 20, 2021

“Dr. Ponce Heidon won Alfred Wei Authair Award by replacing areas in the DNA of a virus with a specific protein cluster that reversed the virus’s effect.”  (Izzy)

03 Dr_Ponce_Wins_Award_ Ch 26.jpg

So UO-1 is calling Dr. Ponce Heidon ‘unidentified organism.’  Phed repeated UO-1’s path word for word but this time KUWI inserted three interpretations for unidentified organism: error, sarcasm, or wit. (Phed)

02 UO_Calls_Dr_Ponce_Unidentified_ Ch_26.jpg

UO-1 poised on his lecture branch :: added September 6, 2021

UO-1 poised on his lecture branch waiting for his early wake-cycle lesson. (Narrator)

01 UO-1_Poised_Ch_26.jpg

















2-15 Pulsating Blob CH 24.jpg

Doc needs to take a sample. Ch 24: CREATION :: added February 12, 2021

2-12 Need to Take a Sample CH 24.jpg

Info in a blink. Ch 24: CREATION :: added February 10, 2021

2-10 Info in a Blink CH 24.jpg

2-8 Extract UO Blood CH 24.jpg

Dorf picked up Izzy. Ch 24: CREATION :: added February 5, 2021

2-5 Dorf Picked You Up CH 24.jpg

UO-1 used no DB! CH 23: CREATION :: added December 18, 2020

UO-1 used no DB CH 23.png

Throw research into question CH 23.png

Not a moment of peace CH 23.png

Finally confident in KUWI. Ch 23: CREATION. :: added November 23, 2020

Confident in KUWI CH 23.png

You'll die if you can't breathe CH 22.png

10-23 All raptans have red blood_Ch 24.png

The stages of Izzy...Ch 22: CREATION :: added October 16, 2020

10-16 The stages of Izzy_Ch 22.png

10-9 Not a direct quote_Ch 22.png

UO-1 wants out! Ch 22: CREATION :: added October 2, 2020

10-1 UO Want Out_Ch 22.png

9-25 Not just an animal_Ch 22.png

8-28 Possible relocation_ Ch 22.png

8-26 Curious student in a tree_ Ch 22.png

8-24 Protestors get wind_ Ch 22.png

8-21 UO-1 will be euthanized_ Ch 21.png

8-19 KUWI on the DB_ Ch 22.png

8-17 Investigators talk to Ursula_ Ch 19.png

Replacing DNA_ Ch 21.png

The creature stands up. Ch 21: CREATION :: added August 17, 2020

Jousting Stance_ Ch 21.png

Strange Creature_ Ch 21.png

Furry Lizard Love_ Ch 21.png

Sneering Lips_ Ch 20.png

Chico peers out. Ch 20: CREATION :: added August 3, 2020

Peering Out_ Ch 20.png

The first victim. Ch 20: CREATION :: added July 31, 2020

First Victim Ch 20.png

Evil Pervert_ CH 20.png

Rules are rules, unless they aren't Ch 21.png

Escaping Crystal Cave Ch 21.png

Why lock the door? Ch 20: CREATION :: added May 29, 2020

Why lock the door_ Ch 20.jpg

Aunt Helyn Shackled. Ch 20 :: added May 12, 2020

Aunt Helyn Shackled. Ch 20.jpg

Ancient Coin Ch 20.jpg

Behave like botts. Ch 19: CREATION :: added April 28, 2020

Behave like botts. Ch 19.jpg

Enzyme symptoms. CH 19: CREATION :: added April 21, 2020

Enzyme Symptoms. Ch 19.jpg

Innocent-looking children bring death. Ch 19.jpg

Such a pity. Ch 19: CREATION. :: added April 10, 2020

Such a pity. Ch 19.jpg

Ursula's Enzyme. Ch 19.jpg

Ursula succeeded. Ch 19: CREATION. :: added April 2, 2020

Ursula succeeded. Ch 19.jpg

Where are the trials?! Ch 16: CREATION :: added March 10, 2020

Where are the trials_ Ch 16.jpg

Ursula's Enzyme. Ch 16.jpg

Ursula has power over all! Ch 16.jpg

Proof of Survival! Ch 16: CREATION :: added February 24, 2020

Proof of survival! Ch 16.jpg

In Ursula's good time. Ch 16.jpg

Genetically Modified Ch 16.jpg

Sun & Sand Ch 16.jpg

A tasseled brown beanie...Ch 16: CREATION :: added February 5, 2020

Mumba Fez Ch 16.jpg

Jeeves Ch 16.jpg

Dorf has hope. Ch 15: CREATION :: added January 12, 2020

sleep cycle Ch 15.jpg

Blue eyes peered. Ch 15: CREATION :: added January 8, 2020

blue eyes Ch 15.jpg

observation video Ch 15.jpg

Faketyle habitat Ch 15.jpg

No need to fuel the flame. Ch 15: CREATION :: added December 9, 2019

Fuel the flame Ch 15.jpg

Look at that wobble. Ch 15: CREATION :: added December 4, 2019

Look at that wobble. Ch 15.jpg

What happened_ Ch 14 (1).jpg

Don't disturb the evidence. Ch 14: CREATION :: added November 20, 2019

Crime Scene - Don't Desturb Ch 14.jpg

It's changed shape! Ch 14: CREATION :: added November 19, 2019

Egg-Like Ch 14.jpg

Crime Scene - Call Medical Ch 14.jpg

Beta Testing DB Ch 14.jpg

Glob monster! Ch 14: CREATION :: added November 4, 2019

Glob Monster Ch 14 (1).jpg

Blood Oozed. Ch 13: CREATION :: added October 31, 2019

Double puncture Ch 13 Instagram.jpg

The Perfect Planet Ch 13 Instagram.jpg

Dorf thudded hard. Ch 13: CREATION :: added October 7, 2019

He thudded hard Ch 13 (2).jpg

Chico has hope. Ch 13: CREATION :: added October 4, 2019

Gives Me Hope Ch 13.jpg

Don't take any chances! Ch 13: CREATION :: added September 30, 2019

Skedaddle Ch 13 (2).jpg

Dorf is at a loss. Ch 13: CREATION :: added September 27, 2019

Thousands of Cells Ch 13 (2).jpg

Protesters surround PHI. Ch 13: CREATION :: added September 20, 2019

Stop the Research Ch 13 (1).jpg

It's Alive Ch 13 (1).jpg

Dorf and the goo...Ch 13: CREATION :: added September 15, 2019

Goo on the Floor Ch 13 (3).jpg

Dorf warns of a bio-hazard! Ch 13: CREATION :: added September 6, 2019

Bio Hazard Ch 13 (2).jpg

Looking Olymfab Ch 13 (1).jpg

Buster advises Gore. Ch 12: CREATION :: added August 13, 2019

Buster Talks to Gore CH 12.jpg

Evidence collection. Ch 12: CREATION :: added August 12, 2019

Evidence for Claim CH 12.jpg

Wanted CH 12 CREATION.jpg

Gone Missing CH 12.jpg

Mad Grandma Andriol CH 12.jpg

Popular Vacation Spot CH 12.jpg

Buster & Grandma CH 12.jpg

Buster & Gore CH 12.jpg

Praise for Surgeons CH 11.jpg

Cimi bolsters Chico. Ch 11: CREATION :: added June 21, 2019

Help Yourself CH 11.jpg

Armed and Dangerous CH 11.jpg

Safety Straps CH 9.jpg

Stomach Drop CH 9.jpg

No Time CH 9.jpg

Massive Crystals CH 9.jpg

Love Grip CH 9.jpg

Cave Jet 1. Ch 9: CREATION :: added April 23, 2019

Flash Autopilot Cave Jet 1 CH 9.jpg

Chaotic Dreamscape CH 9.jpg

Boots CH 9.jpg

A Briny Mist CH 9.jpg

Watery Channel CH 8.jpg

Off the route...Ch 8: CREATION :: added March 18, 2019

HUD Display CH 8.jpg

Rapid Current CH 8.jpg

Dragonfly CH 8.jpg

Crying CH 8.jpg

Chico Quwattle capsizes. Ch 8: CREATION :: added February 25, 2019

Capsized CH 8.jpg

Good King Vasistdas Ballad :: added February 23, 2019

When Valym’s heat was waning on planet Authair, Mumba’s Army organized a coup d’état and assassinated good King Vasistdas and everyone in the castle.  This invasion is immortalized in a ballad sung each year on the anniversary of the event. To hear it click on BALLAD.



Bobcat's Death Cry. Ch 8: CREATION :: added February 20, 2019

Bobcat's Death Cry CH 8.jpg

Vultures Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

The Vastness of Beauty. Ch 7: CREATION :: added February 15, 2019

Vastness of Beauty Ch 7 CREATION (1).jpg

Sequence in Prision. Ch 7: CREATION :: added February 7, 2019

Sequence Prison Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Rough rapids. Ch 7: CREATION :: added February 1, 2019

Rapids Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Masking Fear: Ch 7: CREATION :: added January 25, 2019

Masks Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Hide and Seek Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Chico's Fireworks. Ch 7: CREATION :: added January 2, 2019

Fireworks Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Drone Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Cascade Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Butterdragons & Blossoms. Ch 7: CREATION :: added December 3, 2018

Butterdragon Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Ch 5: CREATION :: added November 29, 2018

Force Field 3 Ch 5 CREATION.jpg

DB Flytrap 2 Ch 6 CREATION.jpg

Fairy Eyes Ch 7 CREATION.jpg

Chico Quwattle is wanted! Ch 5: CREATION :: added October 31, 2018

Chico Wanted Ch5 CREATION.jpg

Firey Blast Ch4 CREATION :: added October 15, 2018

Firey Blast Ch4 CREATION.jpg

Dorf Tzeus - Ch3: CREATION :: added September 10, 2018

Dorf ch3 CREATION.jpg

Dorf Tzeus - Ch2: CREATION :: added September 3, 2018

Dorf ch2 CREATION (4).jpg

Dorf Tzeus - Ch2: CREATION :: added August 27, 2018

Dorf ch2 CREATION (3).jpg

Dorf Tzeus - Ch2: CREATION :: added August 20, 2018

Dorf ch2 CREATION (2).jpg

Ch 2: CREATION :: added August 13, 2018

conference room ch2 CREATION.jpg

Cimi - Ch2: CREATION :: added July 31, 2018

Cimi ch2 CREATION.jpg

Ch 2: CREATION :: added July 23, 2018

ch2 CREATION.jpg

U Villinois researcher ch1: CREATION :: added July 15, 2018

U Villinois researcher ch1 CREATION.jpg

Ch1: CREATION :: added July 15, 2018

no stars ch1 CREATION.jpg

Ponce - Ch2: CREATION :: added June 27, 2018

Ponce ch2 CREATION.jpg

Dorf - Ch2: CREATION :: added June 18, 2018

Dorf ch2 CREATION.jpg

Yesped - Ch2: CREATION :: added June 13, 2018

Yesped ch2 CREATION.jpg

Ursula - Ch1: CREATION :: added June 10, 2018

Ursula ch1 CREATION.jpg

BREAKING NEWS! :: added June 4, 2018

NPT Announcer ch1 CREATION.jpg

Cinco de Mayo 2018.jpg

A Tribute :: added April 11, 2018

Hawking Tribute.jpg

Hello, Spring!! :: added March 20, 2018

Vernal Equinox.jpg

St. Pats 2018.jpg

Happy PI Day! :: added March 14, 2018

Happy PI Day.jpg

Spring Forward with Leachim 2018.jpg

Happy Presidents' Day, Izzyites! :: added February 19, 2018

Four score....jpg

Happy Chinese New Year! :: added February 16, 2018

Year of the Dog.jpg


Does Not Compute.jpg

Izzy Loves You to the Moon and Back.jpg

Happy Mardi Gras, Izzyites! :: added February 13, 2018

Mardi Gras 2018.jpg

Happy Groundhog Day, Izzyites! :: added February 2, 2018

Oh, no! Izzy saw his shadow! Looks like six more weeks of winter!

Groundhog Day 2018 SHADOW.jpg

Happy Groundhog Day, Izzyites! :: added February 2, 2018

Oh, no! Izzy saw his shadow! Six more weeks of winter!

Ursula is NOT into the Holiday spirit! :: added December 25, 2017

12-25 URSULA.jpg

12-21 PALATE.jpg

12-18 IZZY.jpg

May these eight days of celebration bring the light of peace and joy to your family!

Happy Hanaukka from Izzy.jpg

Leachim never can get it right! :: added November 24, 2017

11-24 Leachim.jpg

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Izzyites! :: added November 23, 2017

11-23 Composite with names.jpg

11-22 Ursula.jpg

Dorf looks forward to the future. :: added November 21, 2017

11-21 Dorf.jpg

Ponce is thankful for his team. :: added November 20, 2017

11-20 Ponce.jpg

11-19 Mumba.jpg

11-18 Phed.jpg

Izzy expresses his own thankfulness... :: added November 17, 2017

11-17 Izzy.jpg

11-16 Cimi.jpg

Fall Back with Leachim (no dates).jpg

Happy HOWL-o-ween, Izzyites! :: added October 31, 2017

Be safe and have a HOWLING good time!

Happy HOWL-o-ween.jpg

Autumnal Equinox.jpg

Happy Labor Day, Izzyites! :: added September 4, 2017

Labor Day 2017.jpg

Monday (8/21/2017) was a great day! :: added August 23, 2017

Izzy in CoMo.jpg

Solar Eclips August 2017.jpg

What a view! :: added August 21, 2017

what a view.jpg

Have a safe and Happy 4th, Izzyites! :: added July 4, 2017

Izzy Independence Day 2017.jpg

Hello Summer 2017.jpg

Father's Day 2017.jpg

Meet Sandy and Duayne of DDWLEM :: added June 1, 2017

Check out this great feature about our creators written by Patricia Charpentier, author of the multi-award winning book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time. 

Just copy and past the link below into your browser!


Memorial Day 2017.jpg

Happy Mother's Day! :: added May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, step-mothers, fur-mothers, foster mothers, aunts, sisters, all who nurture...with love from the folks at IZ~ The Saga!

Happy Mother's Day.jpg

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Izzyites! :: added March 17, 2017

For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

Pot of Gold.jpg

Happy Mardi Gras, Izzyites! :: added February 28, 2017

Izzy's Kings Cake.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day, Izzyites! :: added February 14, 2017

Valentine Collage.jpg

Happy Groundhog's Day, Izzyites! :: added February 2, 2017

Late winter or early spring? I guess we'll find out!


Happy Chinese New Year! :: added January 28, 2017

Izzy Year of the Rooster.jpg

Happy Hanukkah, Izzyites! :: added December 27, 2016

Izzy Hanukkah 2.0.jpg

Rejoice & Reflect! :: added December 26, 2016

Kwanza 2.0.jpg

Happy Winter Solstice! :: added December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice Wishes.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving, Izzyites! :: added November 24, 2016

Aristotle Thanksgiving.jpg

What are you thankful for, Izzyites? :: added November 21, 2016


Veterans Day.jpg

Fall Back with Leachim (no dates).jpg

FALL BACK, Izzyites! :: added November 4, 2016

Fall Back 2016.jpg

Happy Howloween, Izzyites! :: added October 31, 2016

Happy Howloween.jpg

Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 1 day :: added October 30, 2016

Double Double Toil & Trouble.jpg

Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 2 days :: added October 29, 2016

Mumba\'s Halloween Wish.jpg

Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 3 days :: added October 28, 2016


Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 4 days :: added October 27, 2016

Halloween Mischief.jpg

Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 5 days :: added October 26, 2016

Treats vs Tuna.jpg

Izzy's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: 6 days :: added October 25, 2016

Halloween History.jpg

Happy First Day of Fall, Izzyites! :: added September 22, 2016

First Day of Autumn.jpg

Never Forget :: added September 11, 2016

September 11th.jpg

Happy Labor Day! :: added September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day.jpg

Chico Quwattle Escaping and Dreaming of the Freedom of Flight.jpg

She has a deep and  sincere caring of her people. Her father attempted many times to find a suitable man whom Thera would accept in marriage.  She was discouraged by her suitors' selfish attitudes.  Thera’s selfless action to protect a foreigner saves her kingdom. 

Thera\'s Wish.jpg

Camchyp :: added July 7, 2016

Camchyp has been added to the Dyzzleberry Dictionary. A device that reveals the location of Chico Quwattle who's been wrongly accused of blowing up buildings in Valympya's state capitol. Found in CREATION. Chico is a Valympyon whose home was in Valympya.

New Beta Reader Comment :: added June 22, 2016

Dakota told it like she read it as a Beta Reader of bk 2 CREATION - "Ha ha I get it Smile, like this wording, confusing, dialogue very true to life-resembles the way people actually speakSmile, this ends abruptly, ..."   She packed a lot of review in the first ten pages. Read more about her in acknowledgments.

Happy Summer Solstice.jpg

Father\'s Day Version One.jpg

Happy Memorial Day! :: added May 30, 2016

On this Memorial Day, the Izzy Story remembers and salutes our fallen heroes. We thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Memorial Day.jpg

Both winners will a receive a signed copy of the first edition of IZ~ THE SAGA: CREATION when it is published and, as a special bonus, a custom bookmark (similar to the ones in the photo)! OLYMFAB!!

Coloring Contest Winners.jpg


Every day is Earth Day! :: added April 22, 2016

Just a little reminder from 1 Condor...

Everyday is Earth Day 1 Condor 2.jpg

Meet the Rabbityle :: added April 17, 2016

...Authair's most adorable fuzzy!! (see definition here: http://theizzystory.com/dyzzleberry-dictionary/rabbityle/) Live animals are outlawed on Planet Authair as laboratory test subjects but Ursula continues to use them. Her choice of lab animals is the rabbityle. Mumba Zola who assigned her to create the virus does not require that she stop using rabbityles.
Rabbityle DDWLEMc.jpg


Join the fun! We’ve created a color page illustrating the lab accident that created IZZY. FIVE WINNERS will be selected to receive a signed Jacketed Hardback of Book 2 “Creation” when published. 

To enter, copy the image below and enjoy creating your colored masterpiece. Then attach a jpeg of it to an email with your name. Put in the subject line COLOR PAGE IZ~ 1 and send to: theizzystory@gmail.com. Hurry, the due date is May 1, 2016

Below is a segment of Book 2 describing Dorf's dilemma.


Dorf stretched his shoulders to loosen the newly sprayed cocoon of yellow fibers as the door to the wraptrap opened.

“Yee-e-ow-hiss!” Something pierced his leg. He kicked hard to free himself from the attacker and lost his balance, falling shoulder-first against shelves of carefully placed vials of cultures and other paraphernalia. He grabbed the shelf’s upright brace to keep from falling but his thrust dislodged it. Cultures, beakers, crucibles, and spot plates tumbled out hitting Dorf and crashing on the floor. His feet slid out from under him. He landed hard, sliding over liquid, blood, glass shards and feces. “Feces?” he blurted as he saw it amidst the mixture of goo.

The security alarm sounded. Ignoring its blare, Dorf slowly lifted onto an elbow, avoiding glass and unknown substances. He studied his injury. Through the fibrous wrap covering his calf was a double puncture wound oozing blood, around which an egg-white-like mucous was forming. He watched the mucous absorb blood turning into a bright orange lump. The viscous blob slid over the muscle of his calf onto the floor and began pulsating.

Creepy, Dorf thought. He scanned the scene. How would he analyze it? Thousands of cells, bacterial, and viral cultures mixed randomly devoid of identification splattered everywhere. Determining which ones contributed to the pulsating mass would take months and months of analysis.

He eased himself from the slimy soup, avoiding contact with the glob that seemed to have a life of its own.

Dorf’s head pounded from the screaming siren. How’d that cat get in here? He worried as he tapped his DB to deactivate the alarm and send a message to all employees. BIOLOGICAL HAZARD - S11 CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Chalice final color page lab.png

Ursula's Bio Revised :: added April 12, 2016

Ursula had a touch childhood. We've added to her biography to clarify some of her challenges.

Oh, Leachim... :: added April 3, 2016

Belated April Fool\'s Day.jpg

Happy Easter, Izzyites! :: added March 27, 2016

Chistos Anesti with Aristotle and Thorf.jpg



Check out the picture below...If you can point out which one is FAPA President 2016, send us your answer and email info. If you're correct we'll put you on the list for a free First Edition of CREATION. 


FAPA Orlando 2016.jpg


Spring Forward with Leachim.jpg

Leap Day.jpg

A Valentine greeting from Leachim Ztulk... :: added February 13, 2016

Leachim Valentine.jpg

Devans Valentine.jpg

A Valentine greeting from Carys Wynter... :: added February 11, 2016

Carys Valentine.jpg

Illiachus Valentine.jpg

"Laissez les bon temps rouler!" :: added February 9, 2016

Let the good times roll! Happy Mardi Gras, Izzyites!

Mardi Gras Izzy 2.jpg

The Chinese New Year is based on a Lunar calendar--that means every year, around the new moon closest to the beginning of spring, Chinese people ring in the beginning of a new annual cycle. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Year of the Monkey are characterized as intelligent, witty, curious and playful. Other years of the monkey are 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004. Hmmm...think Izzy could have been born in the Year of the Monkey?

Chinese New Year 2016.jpg

Happy Groundhog's Day! :: added February 2, 2016

The groundhog says it will be an early spring! Izzy is checking it out himself! Wonder if he'll see his shadow...

Groundhog Day.jpg

BUSTER THE RABBITILE :: added January 27, 2016

The authors have revised Gore Andriol's stuffed toy's identity to that of a rabbitile. Please note in Gore's video Sandy and Duayne describe his stuffed animal as a Teddy Bear. That information is from a draft that has been revised. They've decided Gore's toy should represent an animal indigenous to Planet Authair, thus, Buster, the rabbitile. They are currently working on a description of the rabbitile soon to be published as an update. Thank you for your patience. Tap here for more about Gore and to watch the video .

FROM BLOB TO CREATURE :: added January 12, 2016

Dorf rubbed his chin. “Mmmm. Phed, run H4’s observation video. Let’s find out how the shell formed.” Phed ran the video from the beginning to frames showing the globular mass forming an outer casing. It bobbed then turned; each turn creating more casing until a leathery shell remained un-moving on the artificial turf.

“Nothing unexpected there. Not worth hanging around now. If it shows signs of hatching contact me. Path me if heart rate and respiration increase.” Dorf left Phed analyzing statistics and walked out of the OP toward the wraptrap hoping the absence of movement and growth was a sign of the embryo's approaching demise. He didn’t want another crisis. He'd a vaccine to develop.

Dorf approached the cleared ‘area of destruction’ as Phed’s path entered his brain. “Life signs active, Chief. You’ll want to see this.” He stopped in mid-stride, turned and ran to the OP.

Dorf saw the graphs above H4’s monitor dancing with data feed as he skidded to a halt in time to see a cat-like nose ooze from the broken shell’s inner membrane. Phed had directed the new data into an ID app for determining species and was focused on the rapidly changing results as more of the creature emerged from the shell.

Its head now fully visible revealed cat-like ears. Between those was a mass of hair, matted like a wet mane, some clumps plastered over closed eyelids.

Dorf’s oxytocin kicked in. “Hey little fella,” he said watching its eyes open then blink a couple times freeing the matted fur. It cocked its head rolling big blues toward the friendly greeting.

Dr. Dorf Tzeus didn’t understand why his brain’s neurons were creating this one-way conversation, but it felt right. “Come on Buddy you can do it.” He enthused. “You can squeeze all the way out.”

Phed joined in. “You’ve almost got it, don’t give up.” The little head turned toward the intern; its blue eyes peering into the gray of Phed’s, as it tugged its body forward. One leathery leg emerged. “That’s it, keep it up Champ.” Phed encouraged. The fullness of its body squeezed out and squirmed free of the broken shell revealing a long tail. Fur ridged its back from wispy strands over its eyes to a thickness that crowned its head and ridged its back to the tip of its tail.

“Yeah! Way to Go buddy!” came overlapping cheers. In response, the tiny creature lifted on its hind legs using its tail to balance and looked quizzically from Dorf to Phed and back again.

Phed scratched his head and looked at Dorf, "Chief, if he's going to stay alive I've got to find out what to feed him."

Best wishes for 2016! :: added January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, Izzyites! 

New Year\'s Day.jpg

Happy New Year, Izzyites! :: added January 1, 2016

Aristotle and Thorf wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of the folks at IZ~ The Izzy Story! 

Cheers to the New Year.jpg

Happy Holidays! :: added December 26, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays.jpg

Merry Izzymas, everyone! :: added December 25, 2015

May your day be filled with the magic and wonder of the season and the love and laughter of friends and family!

From Our House to Yours.jpg

'Twas the Night Before Lift-off :: added December 24, 2015

Merry Izzymas to all, and to all a good night!!

Twas the Night Before Izzymas.jpg

Only two days to go, Izzyites! :: added December 23, 2015

 Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

It\'s Beginning to Look Like Izzymas.jpg

Winter Solstice Wishes.jpg

Christmas Traditions Part V :: added December 21, 2015

Merry Yule, Izzyites!

Yule with ILLIACHUS.jpg

Christmas Traditions Part IV :: added December 20, 2015

Carys teaches us a little about her winter holiday from long ago.

Yule History with CARYS.jpg

Christmas Traditions Part III :: added December 18, 2015

Who doesn't love a sparkling Christmas tree? Thorf tells us a little about the history of the Christmas tree.Decorating the Christmas Tree with Thorf.jpg

Christmas Traditions Part II :: added December 15, 2015

Aristotle teaches us how to say "Merry Christmas" in Greek.

Kalá Christoúgenna with ARISTOTLE.jpg

Christmas Traditions Part I :: added December 14, 2015

There are lots of cultures that celebrate Christmas and each have different traditions. Professor Devons explains one from Britain.

Christmas Pudding with DEVANS.jpg

the gift of Izzy.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving, Izzyites! :: added November 25, 2015

Aristotle Thanksgiving.jpg

Update Feature is being Repaired :: added November 15, 2015

We've had a glitch in our update posting. Please check back for the latest on IZ~.
Thank you for your patience. Read a draft of book 2 at our WordPress blog.

#StandwithParis :: added November 14, 2015

The thoughts and hearts of everyone at IZ~ The Izzy Story are with the people of Paris. 

Stand with Paris no characters.jpg

#StandwithParis :: added November 14, 2015

The thoughts and hearts of everyone at IZ~ The Izzy Story are with the people of Paris and the rest of the world.

Stand with Paris.jpg

Fall Back.jpg

Have a happy and safe Halloween, Izzyites! :: added October 31, 2015

Happy Howloween.jpg

Halloween Mischief.jpg

Happy National Chocolate Day, Izzyites! :: added October 28, 2015

Izzy prefers National Tuna-Broccoli Treat Day!

sweets vs tuna broccoli.jpg

Mumba\'s Halloween Wish.jpg

Halloween History :: added October 26, 2015

Illiachus Wynter​ has some Halloween History for us, Izzyites!

Halloween History.jpg

Phed's Bio Edited :: added October 25, 2015

Phed's ability to pilot, drive, or paddle anything as fast as it can go, saves the day in an episode in Book 2. Read  Phed's bio.  Soon we'll be posting it. Stay tuned.

Happy Autumn from IZ~ The Izzy Story! :: added September 24, 2015

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

Happy Autumn.jpg

Never Forget! :: added September 11, 2015

September 11th.jpg

Happy Labor Day! :: added September 7, 2015

Have a wonderful holiday, Iizzyites!!

Happy Labor Day.jpg

New Dyzzleberry Dictionary Term :: added September 5, 2015

Book 3 of iZ~ introduces the term swiggle. Read how Mumba twists its meaning to get more blood beer.

MEET THE CHARACTER VIDEOS are BACK :: added August 20, 2015

Each character has a video. Click on Characters on the home page. Choose a character you would like to know about by clicking on the name. You'll find the video below the character's brief description on that page.

Holomeet :: added August 19, 2015

You've heard of Meetingconnect, Live Meeting, GoToMeeting, Web Conferencing, InterCall and there are many more such getting together opportunities for Earthlings. On Planet Authair it's the holomeet. Read about our new entry in the Dyzzleberry Dictionary.


SANDY AND DUAYNE WERE HONORED TO RECEIVE A SILVER MEDAL AT THE 2015 PRESTIGIOUS FLORIDA AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS CONFERENCE ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 8 FOR ENCOUNTERS, their first in a series of adventures of IZ~ THE IZZY STORY. Award winning authors from around the United States and Canada received awards. You can see the list of award winners on the website.

FAPA AWARD 2015 web.jpg

Happy Summer, Izzyites! :: added August 9, 2015

We hope you're all finding a way to beat the heat like Izzy!

Izzy beats the heat cropped 2.jpg

Character Videos Temporarily Removed :: added August 6, 2015

All of our character videos have been temporarily removed for editing purposes. Thank you for checking on the progress of our website and on Book 2 CREATION

The Heads Have Bodies :: added August 1, 2015

New information for us when writing Book 5, TRADITIONS SHATTERED, just so happens we already had the chapter title. Thanks to a Facebook notice from Cindy Powell-Rodgers, we are researching Jo Anne Van Tilburg's work and that of other archaeologists.

Unbelievable Bibliography Entry :: added July 23, 2015

Camp Google partnering with NASA has published Week 2 as Space Week. Sandy and Duayne have found Space Chef and Zero Gravity fun to experience and helpful in the writing of  IZ~ Book 2 CREATION. They're sure kids of all ages will agree. 

Hey Izzyites! Check out the OLYMFAB original art from Chalice Mitchell for Chapters 1 through 5 of ENCOUNTERS! Chalice created and painted them in Japan where she is teaching art.

20150714_205337 (1).jpg

Olymfab update! :: added July 16, 2015

With the completion of Book 1: Encounters, Ddwlem are working hard on Book 2: Creation! You can see it's place in the Izzy-verse timeline photo below. OLYMFAB!


An Olymfab interview! :: added July 5, 2015


Check it out, Izzyites! Susan Voss from Dab of Darkness interviewed Duayne and Sandy of Ddwlem about Book 1: Encounters! Just look at her glowing review: "a fun adventure space opera,IZ~ The Izzy Story: Encounters, which I quite enjoyed and am looking forward to Book 2 in the series. It’s a real treat having them on the blog and I bet you’ll enjoy their humor as I do!" Copy and paste the following link into your browser to check out the whole interview: http://dabofdarkness.com/2015/07/02/giveaway-interview-ddwlem-authors-of-iz-the-izzy-story/

Happy Independence Day, Izzyites! :: added July 2, 2015

Izzy & his friends wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

Izzy-pendence Day Draft 2.jpg

OLYMFAB news, Izzyites!! :: added June 27, 2015

IZ~ THE IZZY STORY: BOOK 1, ENCOUNTERS has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President's Awards. IZ~ is one of three books selected in the category of Florida Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction! The award recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content and production for North American authors and publishers! The other two finalists are John Horse Florida's First Freedom Fighter by Betty Turso and The Sparks by Kyle Prue.

You can check out more information about the 2015 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President's Awards at http://www.floridapublishersassociation.com/.


Signed Copy of FLINT :: added June 19, 2015

Ddwlem, the authors of IZ~ The Izzy Story, visited the National Museum in Copenhagen and were honored to receive a signed copy of Peter Vang Petersen's very special book about flint and its use in ancient Denmark. It was from him that Duayne and Sandy learned all about Bronze Age Denmark.

PVP & Nat Museum.jpg

FLINT :: added June 19, 2015

Peter Vang Petersen of the National Museum of Denmark met with us today and gave us a brief lesson on flint in Bronze Age Denmark. He signed a copy of his book FLINT for us. It is written in Danish, but well worth the purchase for the images and pictures alone.

Stop by and check us out. You'll even get to see excerpts from future episodes of The Izzy Story!

The folks at IZ~ The Izzy Story want to wish all the fathers, grandfathers, god-fathers, big brothers, fur-fathers, uncles, and other father-figures a very Happy Father's Day!Father\'s Day Version One.jpg

Writing in Lyngby :: added May 18, 2015

IZ~ Book 2 CREATION will surely have a Danish 'tint' in its narrative as Duayne and I collaborate while staying in a delightful town North of Copenhagen called Kongens Lyngby. Its history dates back to medieval times. Duayne is on site for catalysis consulting work. I spend the days at the keyboard in spite of the temptation to tour these unique environs.

Only a mother's love can unite the most bitter of enemies to send good wishes and warm fuzzies to mother's everywhere!

Jeeves sends his best wishes, also. Unfortunately, Mumba Zola ordered him away to prepare his dinner, so he missed out on the photo shoot.

Happy Mother\'s Day from the Izzy Bunch.jpg

Mother's Day Contest on Facebook! :: added May 1, 2015

Hey there, Izzyites! Mother's Day is just around the corner and IZ~ and friends would love to help you honor the special mother in your life. She could be your mother, grandmother, your cousin's mother, or your niece or nephew's mother.

Just visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/IZTheIzzyStory and find the contest post. Comment on the post by May 9th, 2015, and tell us what makes the mother in your life special. The lucky mother will win a t-shirt (color choices as pictured) and she and her endorser will each win a book in the format of their choice, either Audio or Paperback!

Happy Mother's Day from IZ~ and Friends!

IZZY Mother\'s Day Contest Prizes.jpg


Open University Week One :: added April 29, 2015

Only one day in this 8 week course on character writing, and I've met fellow classmates from the US, Brazil, Scotland, Wales, China, and Portugal. We'll be hearing from notable authors such as Maya Angelou, Jane Elmore, Jude Piesse and more. I recommend anyone checking out this fabulous educational opportunity. There are courses of all disciplines available at the Open University. Enrollment is free. For a fee, once you have completed a course you can get a certificate of participation. No college credits are given either. There are no graded tests. Just a couple quizzes. Your assignments are interesting. What is the real excitement for me is the chance to hear from successful authors about their work. Some of this is done by video and some is the author's written comments. This Open University experience allows for students to talk to one another by posting under a student's profile. Eventually we will be critiquing each other's work.


OLYMFAB! :: added April 26, 2015

Linzie and Hadriana were super excited when they received their copies of IZ~! OLYMFAB!! Thanks for the pic, ladies!20150421_122655.jpg

Every Day is Earth Day :: added April 21, 2015

1 Condor has a special message for all you Izzyites!

Everyday is Earth Day 1 Condor 2.jpgAdd update here...

CHARACTER LINKS FIXED :: added April 6, 2015


If you find any character links that are not working send us a message about what doesn’t work and we’ll give you a free book. You choose, audio, paperback or Kindle. We’ll need your contact info to send it to you.

Here are four that we've confirmed do work:

Cimi doesn't really care if you check her out. She’s too involved in calculating their way back home.

Izzy wants you to know he’s learning all he can.

Ursula counts every click, she’s not good at being second best.

Aristotle will be most happy to meet you, but only if it’s in the afternoon.

FIXING THE PROBLEM :: added April 2, 2015

We are working to repair the problem with our links on our Character pages. We wanted to blame it on the Aurora Tornadoes, but that should only effect the Authairians, and the problem is with all of our characters. It must be an author's problem. It happened when we had our website updated last week. Soon we will have the links working. Thanks for being patient. Ddwlem

Happy Easter! :: added March 30, 2015

Chico Quwattle has a special delivery for all you Izzyites: An Easter wish, just for you! Have a great Easter week!Chico\'s Easter Fly-by Square.jpg

Now Available on Audible :: added March 27, 2015

IZ~ The Izzy Story Book 1 is now available on Audible.com!


Happy Spring! :: added March 20, 2015

Happy first day of spring, Izzyites!! Dorf Tzeus and Thera are taking advantage of this beautiful time!

Love Eternal.jpg

New Look to Hard Back :: added March 16, 2015

We're waiting eagerly for the proof copy of our improved hard back version of IZ~. Stay tuned!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :: added March 16, 2015

Aristotle Maritimis​ wishes you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!Aristotle Empty Glass.jpg

Hard Cover Coming Soon :: added March 12, 2015

We've temporarily canceled the hard cover option of IZ~ to have a new and much improved product for you. Stay tuned!

IZ~ AT BARNES & NOBLE on line :: added March 8, 2015

Click here to choose paperback or Nook version of IZ~ THE IZZY STORY: Book 1, ENCOUNTERS from BARNES & NOBLE.

Today we read an article, Age Disrupters, in February/March 2015 TIME magazine written by Alice Park. It relates to our theory about Thorf Serendopolis' unusual blood type as described in Chapter 4 THE BLOOD. On page 76 Alice Park writes about a blood protein GD11. Fascinating how science today is catching up with the geneticists who wanted more and more of Thorf's blood in 2000 CE.

SOON TO BE YOURS :: added February 13, 2015

Just a few days more and IZ~ The Izzy Story: Book 1, ENCOUNTERS will be available for you to read. 

THANKS FOR YOUR BACKING US :: added February 11, 2015

It's BAD news for our Kickstarter Campaign that Ursula gave it her Valentine's Kiss, but it's GOOD news that we're moving ahead and working hard on BOOK 2, CREATION. Dorf Tzeus is hard at work on an antidote for the ABMR-Virus that Ursula created.

EXCERPTS POSTED :: added February 8, 2015

We've posted Page 1 Chapter 1 of IZ~ for you to read and video excerpt from Chapter 1 of the audio book. Click here!

THANKS TO LAMAR BRANTLEY :: added February 8, 2015

Kickstarter Campaign :: added January 29, 2015

Visit our KickStarter Campaign by CLICKING HERE

TAKE A BOW ALL OF OUR TEAM AND BEYOND :: added January 28, 2015

Thanks for such sage advice and help throughout our preparation for this Kickstarter launch. Just 2 hours from now we should be live on Kickstarter as IZ~ THE IZZY STORY: BOOK 1, Encounters. Whew! 

TEAM IZ~ PLEASE TAKE A BOW :: added January 20, 2015

Amazing Chalice Mitchell, found time to fit us in again on short notice. She's creating a colorful frame to decorate the Tuna Broccoli Treats recipe. It's cleverly displaying the gnarly thorn nectar. Don't worry. Honey makes a good substitute for us Earthlings! Of course you know the recipe will only be available to Kickstarter backers. Stay tuned!

TEAM IZ~ PLEASE TAKE A BOW :: added January 19, 2015

Denisa Kuldova continues to wow us with her 3D art. She's just created a trailer for a flight to Planet Authair soon to be released on our Kickstarter site. Buckle you seat belts backers!!

TEAM IZ - PLEASE TAKE A BOW :: added January 13, 2015

We want to take a moment out of our frantic KS preparation and High Five our video production manager who continues to give us his expertise and valuable time to create our videos. His font of ideas continues to bubble over. We may come out of this campaign soaking wet, but we'll be laughing through it all.

Proofs Schmoofs :: added January 13, 2015

Waiting for second Proof to arrive today. We both missed noticing an important omission on the spine of our edited copy. We're thankful we noticed it when we held the first proof book in our hands. Now for our loyal UPS driver to ring the doorbell!

Book in Our Hands Soon to be in Yours!! :: added December 24, 2014

You'll soon be able to read IZ~ THE IZZY STORY: Book 1 Encounters! We've got the Proof Copy of both hardback and soft copy. We're gearing up for our Kickstarter that will give you an opportunity to have your own Exclusive Kickstarter Edition of soft or hard copy of IZ~ You can see it at www.facebook.com/IZTheIzzyStory


Thank's to Peter Vang Petersen :: added November 7, 2014

Thanks to Peter Vang Petersen, Curator of Prehistory: National Museum of Denmark, we're now further along on preparing the life of a new character. Peter's informative tour yesterday gave us insite into the art and spirituality of the ancient Danish people. Imagine how a male character's skill in crafting the Sun Chariot could help our Authairians while on their Earthly mission, or how a female's artistry could liven up an episode or two. We have a wealth of choices now. To see Peter in person, check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/IZTheIzzyStory.


It Was Ursula's Fault :: added October 27, 2014

Ursula's Halloween Greeting we first posted had GREETING spelled just the way she wanted! "GREATING." She's so full of herself. We don't think anyone really was bothered by the misspelling, but we weren't going to let her get away with that! So here's the corrected version. 

Halloween Greeting from Ursula :: added October 23, 2014

Ursula warns you about her evil creations.

What's an Izzyizum? It's a credo expressed by a character in IZ~ The Izzy Story. Our characters are bursting with beliefs, or statements that guide their actions and we hope you can find one that speaks directly to you. Stay tuned!

Meet The Character Videos Now Live on YouTube :: added September 26, 2014

You can watch the Authors do their best at explaining the character and then hear the characters for themselves. Let's start with Dee.

Character Music Notated :: added August 30, 2014

Here is the sheet music for Izzy, Cimi, Ponce, Leachim, Thera, Gore, Carys, and Ursula prepared for us by Steven A. Gearhart. You can hear snippits of each composition. ENJOY!

Kan-Du Battle Music Now a Part of IZ~ :: added August 28, 2014

Steven A. Gearhart has just completed the final composition to accompany Chalice Mitchell's video version of the Kan-Du Battle between Kurl Tszargon and Gore Andriol. We hope to have a sneak listen for you soon!

Book 1, Encounters has completed a round of inspection for eBook publishing. Telemachus Press is guiding us through this process. We just learned about Espresso Book Machines! A way to make the reading experience less expensive and convenient for college students.

We're hoping Roy Kelly's description of Planet Authair helps you understand its unique features. 

See Planet Authair orbiting between its suns, Olym and Valym.

Morgan has begun to set up our Business Facebook Page properly. She's a wealth of knowledge, and if she doesn't know the answer to our questions will find out. Welcome aboard Morgan.Morgan_Trousdale_300px_in_scarf_winter_coat.jpg

You can see for the first time Planet Authair with its Aurora tornadoes spiraling its florescent colors that collect ions from the suns, Valym and Olym. Thanks to Denisa Kuldova you can also see the unique orbit that Planet Authair travels in. 

The newest member of our team of artists, Denisa Kuldova has WOWED us with her ability to make Planet Authair a reality in all of its beauty and unusual features. Stay tuned for this exciting video launch!!  

Here is our cover for Book 1 Encounters. A shout out to Chalice Mitchell, illustrator!

We've added several new names to our Acknowledgments Page and clarified other's contributions! Please check it out!

Image of Kan-Du challenge :: added February 5, 2014

Kurl defends his life and honor.

Howell Sweat :: added February 3, 2014

Howell has been added to our list of acknowledgments. He's a lot of fun to work with. He made it possible for Syd to make her audio debut in Chapter 4 The Blood. We're still prparing files for Roy on that audio chapter.

Dyzzleberry Communicator in Action :: added January 6, 2014

Now you can see Cimi's newly upgraded DB or Dyzzleberry Communicator that has the power to beam up holographic real time images. Dyzzleberry_Communicator

Character Music :: added October 29, 2013

We've added some of our character's music that we'll be integrating into the Audio Books. You can hear it by going to THE GOOD, THE BAD, and or THE EARTHLINGS.

Ancient Ballad Form :: added October 18, 2013

IZ~ THE IZZY STORY NEW DESIGN :: added September 9, 2013


Our story is full of so many adventures and character interactions that we've decided to present it in a sequence of BOOK formats. There will be at least five.

BOOK 1 is comprised of Chapters 1 through 5.

It is our goal to have Book 1 available to you in a variety of formats. We've got an exciting team of skilled artists, editing, advising, writing original music, recording and animating, Yes, we plan to have printed, audio, and digital versions available for you. Please stay tuned. 

YEAH - CHAPTER 2 - NEW EDIT Published :: added August 19, 2013

ATTACK :: added July 16, 2013

Mumba Zola YouTube :: added February 22, 2013

We've added one of THE BAD to theizzystory's channel!. Mumba Zola!  Check out what he has to say!

Links in Chapter 1 Added :: added February 14, 2013

As you read GRAVITON 1 TO PLANET AUTHAIR, you can click on links throughout the chapter that will take you to images and voice narratives of the characters and to definitions of unfamiliar terms.  We've also added a hidden gem.

Anna Fraser, Air Traffic Controller :: added February 3, 2013

Many thanks to Anna Fraser, Air Traffic Controller, for her professional advice with air to ground communications. Please see our Acknowledgments Page

Audio Version of Chapter 1 in Progress :: added January 12, 2013

Roy Kelly will be our Voice Over Artist and Sound Engineer for Chapter One Audio Version. Stay tuned!!

Chapter One :: added December 21, 2012

Chapter One Ready for You :: added December 21, 2012

Read Chapter One and get right into the action!

Soon to be Published! :: added December 9, 2012

Steven Gearhart is developing Dorf's voiceover for Thera's song. It's the part of the story when Dorf hears Thera for the first time. You can now hear Thera's longing for a lover on this YouTube.

TWITTER ADDED :: added November 1, 2012

Please Tweet us! We're eager to have your comments.  

CHAPTER 1 PUBLISHED :: added October 21, 2012

GRAVITON 1 TO PLANET AUTHAIR ready for your review.  We'd love to have your comments!



YouTubes Added :: added September 27, 2012

You can hear what Illiachus and Ponce have to say. Just click on their Thumbnail and Scroll beneath their Character Sketch.

PLEASE STAY TUNED :: added September 16, 2012

We're developing an important addition to the beginning of our story.  Izzy's on his way back from earth in Graviton 1 with the crew that managed to survive.    He's come of age, as feline lizards do when they've been exposed to life, love, disaster and death. Izzy's asking Dorf some profoundly evocative questions. 

Izzy Telepaths :: added September 9, 2012

Our Characters are Getting Their Voices! :: added September 9, 2012

Izzy telepaths his message on YouTube through the voice of VO Michael Glick!!!

Discovery of the Treasure :: added August 24, 2012

The Update on the Hidden Gem DISCOVERY OF THE TREASURE is ready for your reading pleasure.  Just click on the link.


IZ~ theizzystory characters on You Tube :: added August 21, 2012

We would like you to hear from each of our characters, so we have begun a search for voiceover talent to supply Youtube sound tracks of each character.  Please check back with us. We have submitted Dorf's script, Leachim's, Cimi's, Kurl's, and Chico's.

New Dyzzleberry Dictionary Entry :: added August 12, 2012



A Professor, A Student and her Terrier :: added August 8, 2012

We are rewriting the Hidden Gem, 'Discovery of the Treasure' as a result of our research at Stonehenge and Bournemouth University.  Please stay tuned!

BU Archaeology Lab Today :: added July 6, 2012

The Treasure that Carys so carefully protected in Chapter Two is rediscovered by an archaeology student at BU (Bournemouth University).  In the photograph below you see a student today working in the same BU laboratory where Professor Geoffrey Devans, in our story, examined the Treasure that was uncovered at Stonehenge.  IMG_0421_resize.jpg

Recommended Reading :: added July 3, 2012

Here's an interesting book about Stonehenge.  Just read some of it at the library in Salisbury, England today.  Check it out!  http://www.amazon.com/Stonehenge-Biography-Landscape-Tim-Darvill/dp/0752436414

Peter Vang Petersen :: added June 28, 2012

Peter Vang Petersen, Curator of the National Museum of Denmark, has been added to our Acknowledgments Page.  His expertise is invaluable. http://theizzystory.com/acknowledgments/

Character Information :: added June 15, 2012

Below each character's enlarged picture is a new caption that tells what chapter that character enters the story.  Check it out!

Image of Graviton 1's trip to Earth has been updated.  See home page.

Ursula von Menglebort went shopping! :: added June 4, 2012

Ursula found the perfect pair of shoes for her work aboard Ragnarock. She has an evil plan that involves the stilettos!  You can see two pictures of them and read her comments about them on her Facebook page.

Ursula von Menglebort :: added June 1, 2012

Here's the link to check learn about a discovery that Ursula von Menglebort claims was stolen from her by Earthlings.  After reading the article, check out Ursula's Facebook page.  Maybe you can convince her to stop! 


Ursula von Menglebort :: added June 1, 2012

Ursula is insulted that her work has been stolen by some Earthling researchers from Australia.  Check out the Sciencealert link then go to Ursula von Menglebort's Facebook page and read her post.  Maybe you can convince her to stop!


Chapter 2 Part 1 is Here! :: added May 27, 2012

Enjoy reading.  Would love to have your comments!  Sandy and Duayne

Chapter 2 :: added May 25, 2012

Chapter 2 will soon be available as a rough draft.  Stay tuned!

Thera Biography :: added May 14, 2012

Thera's biography has been updated on the webpage.  Check it out!  

Jacaranda Writer's Group :: added April 30, 2012

Our Thanks to the Jacaranda Writer's Group in Venice Florida for much appreciated constructive critique.  We will soon be posting this on the Acknowledgment's page.

Cimi is never satisfied! :: added April 28, 2012

Cimi doesn't like her new Facebook Cover.  Now it's back to the drawing table.  Hope she likes the new one!

Facebook Cover Photos Added :: added April 26, 2012

Please check Ponce, Ursula, and Leachim on Facebook.  They each have left a message for you, and they have new cover photos.  Ursula is not happy!

Logo :: added April 20, 2012

Check out our Facebook page with its new logo.  Thanks to C.T.R.A. for helping us through this design evolution.

Science Learning :: added April 17, 2012

Kurl, Chico, and Ponce have some recommendations for you. Click on our Facebook link to learn what they are.

Just Published Completion of Chapter 1 :: added March 28, 2012

Read Chapter 1 Part 3  -  Thorf has nightmares!

JEEVES :: added March 20, 2012

You can see Jeeve's image in THE BAD.  He's not really a bad guy.  He was the personal servant to the previous Valympyon President.  When Mumba Zola assasinated that president, Jeeves was forced into service by His Excellency President for Life Lord of All the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of all Valympia.

HAPPY SAINT PATTY'S DAY :: added March 17, 2012

"Hi Earthlings, Happy Saint Patty's Day.  Whatever that is!"  signed Leachim Ztulk

ENJOY OUR NEW LOOK AND HAVE FUN :: added March 14, 2012

 Tomorrow IZ~ launches with many new features.  Be sure to check out Aristotle and Ursula. You will hear Aristotle telling Thorf a secret and Ursula spouting out her jealousy of  Ponce Heidon,  

New Synopsis :: added March 7, 2012

 A new synopsis has just been published on our Home Page.

New Izzy Story website experience :: added March 1, 2012

We are preparing a different way for you to navigate theizzystory website.  Stay tuned for this exciting new experience.

Acknowledgments Updated :: added February 28, 2012

We are pleased to inform you that Tina Bartley Martin has been added to our Acknowledgments page. Scroll all the way to Tina and read about her contribution. It gives you a clue as to what will soon be a fun addition to your experience on our website.

Kafieris Apartments on the Cliff :: added February 24, 2012

It's in just the right place with just the right atmosphere to provide just the right lodging for our opening character, Thorf Serendopolis. He's a young Ph.D. student who is in Santorini, Greece for the first time as an archaeology researcher. His mentor, Aristotle Maritimis has found a room for him at Kafieris Apartments on the Cliff. As you read Chapter 1 Part 2 you will find that Thorf has little time to enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony.

Annex Restaurant of Princeton, NJ :: added February 23, 2012

Sometimes, there is a business that no longer exists, but has made an impact on many people throughout the years. One such place is the Annex Restaurant of Princeton, NJ as mentioned in Chapter 1 Part 2 paragraph 7 of IZ~. The building is still there, you must descend to enter the new restaurant, as we used to do to enter the Annex, and one of the current owners is a relative of the Annex family. We found, in the place that once was the Annex, a restaurant and pub that still retains that local, comfortable feeling. We, ddwlem, do not know how many locals still visit or how many of the profs find themselves relaxing during a meal, but what a memory we have of such times. That is why Thorf and his fellow archaeology majors found Thor Heyerdahl at the Annex. Check out that part of the story and see if you get 'the same feeling.' If not let us know!

Morpheus :: added February 22, 2012

Look in Chapter 1 part 3 paragraph 4 to find why Thorf '...welcomed the soft wings of Morpheus.' You will also have a link to the definition of Morpheus.

Thorf's Hero :: added February 16, 2012

Learn about Thorf's hero, Thor Heyerdahl.  Chapter 1 Part 2 scroll down to the paragraph that begins, "Reassured by his last thought, ....."

Lathyrus Cicera Plant :: added February 15, 2012

Lathyrus Cicera Plant - See Hidden Gem and scroll down to paragraph that begins, "Just as I suspected."

Ursula von Menglebort has a valentine wish for you.

Roses are red and Ursula's blue
Give her your blood
And she'll love you

Ursula's Personal Valentine Message:

Vil you be my valentine
I'll give you chocolates and vine
A drop of blood is all I crave
To make you my devoted slave

Hidden Gem :: added February 9, 2012

Our hidden gem just had an addition to the narrative relating to an archaeological method recently used in a discovery at Stonehenge. Go to Hidden Gems and scroll down to 'ground penetrating radar' and also the word 'petrography.'

Archaeology.org has an article about a new discovery at Stonehenge. We plan to incorporate the method this article describes in February 12th's updates.  Stay tuned.

Santorini's Caldera :: added February 5, 2012

Look in Chapter 1 Part 2 for a newly embedded link that provides fresh off the press research from ScienceNews about eruptions involving Santorini's caldera.

Acknowledgments :: added February 1, 2012

Please see our two new highlighted entries on the Acknowledgment's Page.  We are thrilled to have these contributions.