Peek at Chapter 2 

You’re probably skeptical that some combination of cat, iguana, and Authairian DNA could develop into a banana-sized creature with an acoustic weapon capable of devastating an enemy.

I was, skeptical that is, and I’m not an MBG21er like you Earthlings. I’m that feline-iguana from Planet Authair. That’s why I’d like you to take a moment and hear my story.

That invasion by protestors at the genetics laboratory on Planet Authair happened a long time ago.  I’m much older now. Let’s see I’m one hundred thirty years old by your standards and my mind’s still sharp. We don’t have records on how long Authairian feline-iguanas live, and. I want you to have my personal remarks before I start forgetting.

My first attack was spontaneous. I didn’t understand what was happening to me.  All I knew at the time was that the lives of my only friends were being threatened. I’d been hiding inside Dorf’s shirt when he was knocked unconscious. Suddenly a surge of power deep within my body welled up and I felt an uncontrollable urge to help. It commandeered my breathing. Something pulsated through my organs. It pounded and pounded. My vision blurred and I couldn’t hear a thing.

It didn’t last long.

I remember having no air left to breathe and then I collapsed.

I woke to a gentle hand on my head and Cimi was there.

“What’d you do, Iz? That was Olymfab! You saved our lives!” Cimi was careful not to let her big earrings get in the way of that squeezy hug she lavished on me.  That’s when I saw a white strand of hair drooping above her eye. Her normally bright yellow tuft of hair had turned to white. Something was very wrong.

Clinging to her shoulders, I looked down and saw Daddy Tzeus. I call Dorf Daddy Tzeus because we share a blood line. It was his blood that had mixed with the chemicals on the lab floor that ended up being me. You can ask Phed all about that. He’d taken minute by minute records of my development because his job was to take care of me until I died.

They never expected me to live longer than a few hours.