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Planet Authair

The planet Authair (pronounced out there) is the home of characters classified as The Good and The Bad on The Izzy Story website. Authair resides on the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy and revolves in orbit between two stars of a three-star system. On Planet Authair there is no night. The suns always shine, though clouds and rain do interfere. The Equapyon Mountain Range circles the entire planet at its equator, separating the Olympyon hemisphere—which faces its sun, Olym—from the Valympyon hemisphere—which faces its sun, Valym.

Each pole of Authair points directly to one of the two nearest suns, Olym and Valym. Two cultures evolved that hold their respective suns in reverence. Thus, Authairians living on the hemisphere facing Olym call themselves Olympyons, and those living on the hemisphere facing Valym call themselves Valympyons.

The poles of Authair always face one of the two suns. It is never night on the planet, so Authairians never experience planetary darkness. They are naturally afraid of the dark. If an Authairian resides on one of the poles, the nearest sun never appears to move. Near the equator, an Authairian observes the sun travel in a small circular path each day but still never experiences darkness.

Ponce wound his way to Dorf’s WRAP, thankful that PHI had been the first facility on Planet Authair with such a sterilization system installed at the entrance to each lab. (2)