Biography ::
Gore Andriol

Culture & Time Period – Valympyon – 2400 CPC (Current Proxy Cycle) Authairian (1600 BCE Earth)

Name – Gore Andriol– Fictional Character of IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address –Pond GA 987

City/Town - Vesuvius Village

Country –Valympya

Planet - Authair

Postal Code - 22519212292119

Affiliations –Military Youth Society, League of Apollo, Thule Society, Organization to Elevate the Valympyon Race, V V 168 (Valympyon Secret Service), Innovative Weapons Society

Biography – Gore Andriol was born into a middle class Valympyon family loyal to the ruling government of Valympya. During his early education he performed poorly in athletics, but did well in academic pursuits. His father taught Gore how to spy on his classmates.  He called his son “A Born Criminal.” His parents thought he needed disciplined physical training to improve his athletic ability. Gore’s father bribed the authorities to allow his son to enter an elite military academy. Gore became a sharpshooter winning many medals. He studied Kan-Du under the renowned Olympyon master, Kurl Tszargon. Through  Gore’s shrewdness, burning ambition and servile loyalty to furthering the expansion of Mumba Zola’s Empire, he achieved the title of Supreme General of Mumba Zola’s Army. He authored THE VALYMPYON BOOK ON THE ART OF WAR, in reality stealing the information from Sunzi, modifying the title and claiming authorship.

Awards – Valympyon Superior Leadership Award, Sharp Shooter First Place Awards (six of them), Achieved Copper Belt Status, the highest level in the martial art of Kan-Du.

Gender - Male

Personal Information –Age 3.75 Proxy Cycles (45 Earth years).  Disdains others he considers below his rank, average height. Always seen in his military uniform. Loud and bossy but emotionally fragile. Hidden in his uniform he carries Buster, a stuffed rabbitile. The only soft toy he ever owned. His parents had refused his gifting of stuffed animals, encouraging him to play with toys of self-defense and strategy.

Personal Interests – He reads Jane’s Defense Weekly and war strategy periodicals and dabbles in gardening, martial arts, and combat games.

Phone – Dyzzleberry Communicator MZA-666